50 year old uncle fell in love with a young girl, she only received red envelopes do not do female v baxia

50 year old uncle fell in love with a young girl, she received only red envelopes do not have a female ticket was cut, there are several generations of a knife on behalf of a fast, up to now, still single, so a little anxious in, and so on, there is no doubt that the 3 year old girl, who is not afraid of death. Finally found a little girl on the Internet, but they do not want to be with the object. So on behalf of a huff knife to her! On behalf of a nominal age is fifty this year. Because stealing had ten years of lawsuits, but also delayed the marriage. 2013, on behalf of a prison, a garment factory in Hangzhou to work. Look at the people of the two, on behalf of a want to find an object. At the beginning of this year, he met AMI through dating software. May in Jiaxing Tongxiang a beauty club would engage in work, I do not object to what, but it begins with a hidden danger, because may this year only 17 years old, 33 years younger Bidaimou. Online understanding not long, the two sides agreed to meet. But the so-called meet as Miss, may did not expect, on behalf of an even older than his father’s age. So AMI said he had a boyfriend, and do not want to be with him. A few months ago, may really find a boyfriend, but on behalf of a may, or tangle. May not answer the phone, on behalf of a red packets to Amy, and sent thousands of dollars. The 17 year old may disapprove of romance, but money is very generous, on behalf of a thought, since it may receive a red envelope, will agree to associate with him. I did not expect to come to the final or may’s refusal. On behalf of a: I do not know, and now I know she has a boyfriend, probably more than a month, more than two months ago when I know, I do not know. In order to make Amy’s heart, and a generation of bullying, and inducements, but may unmoved, resolute and distanced itself from him. September 6th, on behalf of a rental arrived in May, want to make the final effort. May: after the break in, he still must say you and your boyfriend, let me be with him, and I said, my boyfriend and I are always together, how could break up ah, that when he is angry. Think about your life and wealth, not their own, others can’t get. On behalf of a huff, picked up a kitchen knife Kanxiang, amy. Police Jiang Peiming: on the body, arm, face, including the head cut a few knives. May was identified as minor injuries forensic. September 20th, has fled to Zhejiang, Taizhou on behalf of a certain, was arrested by the police. Because of suspicion of intentional injury criminal detention.相关的主题文章:

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