which is good because these are the best for new growers. The actual planting phase is really pretty simple 执法劝阻被泼热油 杨振宁遗产分配

Food-and-Drink The first thing you need to do on your journey to growing grapes is determine how much land you have and how many vines you can support. One thing that may surprise you about grapes, as it does many people, is that they are quite hardy. Many people assume since they are a soft fruit they are fragile. All you need is enough land in a sunny location to grow grapes, and you do not have to live in France or California! The best grapes to grow in American soil are Vitis Labrusca, you would choose these seeds if you live in anywhere in the United States. Grape vines absolutely love sunlight so you will need to plant them in direct sunlight; this is the first actual step in growing fantastic grapes. A good trellis system is also necessary for successfully growing grapes; these can be made of wood or metal and are quite similar to a fence. Set several poles about 20 feet apart and place wire mesh between them, giving the vines something to cling to for support. Another key aspect of growing grapes is keeping them disease free; you need free flowing air to achieve that goal. If you have a crowded backyard or a tree-filled field, you do not have the best conditions for growing grapes. Next, you will want to look at the soil, grapes need the right type of soil if you want an abundant crop. The best soil is organic as it has the nutrients necessary for healthy plants. Is this your first attempt at growing grapes? Are you unsure about the size of the vineyard you would enjoy? In either case, it is best to start out small, say about a dozen or so. When you have a small vineyard, you can devote more time to the few vines you have and not become overwhelmed by the entire process. The best time to plant is in the early spring and you can visit your local nursery for vines around this time of year. Typically, you will find bare rooted varieties at most nurseries, which is good because these are the best for new growers. The actual planting phase is really pretty simple, the main concern you will have is getting the hole big enough to accommodate the roots. You do not have to dig the Grand Canyon in your backyard, simply something big enough to cover all the roots. Place the vine roots in the soil and carefully begin dragging dirt back in to cover the them, never pack the soil tightly. All you need to do is pat the dirt in place gently; the roots will need to get air. Most of the time you do not water the vines after placing them in the ground, that is unless the ground is extremely dry. Plant them and then wait to water until you see live the plants. As soon as you begin to see signs of life, you may water the vines, however do not go overboard. If you drowned the ground, you run the risk of killing your vines. Once the vines are up and going strong, you can begin tying them to the trellis system you installed. Take a bit of string and tie the plants, this tells the vines which way to travel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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