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SEO There are studies that show how important search marketing is to any business owner, and you would be foolish to ignore the facts. One commonly quoted study, for example, shows that approximately 75 percent or more of all Internet users turn to the search engines to get the information they are looking for. So if you arent using the latest search engine optimization techniques to ensure that your web site appears when people are looking for the type of product you offer, then you might as well not be doing business online at all. This is why many business owners are hiring Internet strategists such s Danny DeMichele to give them the tools to increase their visibility in the search engines. Without a little help from an expert it can be tricky to achieve the correct results. You dont even need to read a study to realize how important search engine marketing is to the online business community these days. Just the fact that the term Google is a household name should be enough to prove the important of search engines in our modern society. Behind Google there are other search engines that Internet users also turn to, starting with Yahoo! and MSN (now called Bing). Internet marketing consultants like Danny DeMichele have seen all the search engines comes and go and know what methods will get you in the first page of results for relevant searches within your industry or subject area. The point behind a search marketing campaign is to make sure your website turns up in these searches and the user knows your site exists. This is also known as SEO, or search engine optimization. Having a good product and displaying it in a well designed web site is obviously important, but no amount of web design and innovation will get people to the site if proper SEO techniques are not being used. Search engine optimization means that the web site owner prepares his or her site to be seen, acknowledged, read and ranked by the search engines. The problem with the latest search engine marketing techniques, of course, is that it requires time and money to implement it correctly; not to mention the technical aspects can be difficult to understand. But an effective Internet strategist should be able to help you design a search marketing campaign that will achieve the best return on the investment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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