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Posted By: Steven Ralph Tilehurst car hire Tilehurst airport cab services Tilehurst taxi booking Tilehurst to and from Heathrow Tilehurst car hire Tourist Attractions In Tilehurst, Reading Posted By: Steven Ralph Located in the town of Reading in Berkshire County, Tilehurst is a suburban area. The name ‘Tilehurst’ is a combination of the words ’tile’ and ‘hurst – meaning wooden hill’. It is situated on a high ground approximately 5 kilometers towards the west of central Reading. In the North of Tilehurst is the valley of river Thames whereas in the South there is the valley of river Kennet. Until the recent past, tile manufacturing was a major profession of the people of Tilehurst. Transportation in Tilehurst includes buses, trains, taxis and Tilehurst car hire services. The Tilehurst railway station lies in the north of Tilehurst. There are many places near Tilehurst that are worth seeing if you plan to spend your vacations here. Some of the most popular tourist spots near Tilehurst are mentioned below: Arthur Newbery Park It is a huge park in Tilehurst which is named after Arthur Newbery, who donated this piece of land to the mayor of Reading on 14th September, 1932. He gifted this land to the people of Reading. The Arthur Newbery Park slopes down to the north. You can see the picturesque views of the River Thames from Arthur Newbery Park.Tilehurst car hire Tilehurst taxi booking Tilehurst airport cab services Tilehurst to and from Heathrow Tilehurst car hire 相关的主题文章:

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