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Legal Drafting a legal document requires both skill and knowledge because a draft is a summary of the case and if it is not well drafted, it means that the first step itself is not taken properly. However, there is a host of companies that offer corporate legal software that offer legal document management solutions to the lawyers. Earlier, legal document drafting involved going to a form book and having a legal secretary key in text that has been cut and pasted by the attorney. In later years, computers and word processing software made it possible to store documents for future retrieval. Document assembly solutions, on the other hand, involve an automated approach to creating legal document drafting. Document management solutions combine technology with the knowledge of legal experts, to replace the amount of personal involvement a lawyer usually needs to put in the preparation of a particular document. A typical document assembly solution combines pre-packaged templates with standard text, and variables clauses that are assembled by a legal expert. The programs are designed in a way so as to enable a junior attorney to be prompted through a series of questions about the subject matter. The answers then result in the automatic selection of certain boiler plate and custom provisions for assembly of the final document. Once the document is assembled, it is reviewed by an experienced attorney to ensure that it complies with the client’s requirements. This is how document assembly solutions aid in legal document drafting. Document assembly solution software can also be used to convert your own content into template format for automated legal document drafting. These programs minimize the time that an attorney spends in drafting a legal document, thus allowing the law firm to achieve maximum leverage of its human resources. Electronic legal document drafting not only increases the efficiency of the law firm, but is also cost effective for the client. While features of the document assembly program vary from one program to another, a full service program will allow you to take standard text clauses and integrate them with variables that change in the document, like the names of the parties, dates, and so on, making the legal document drafting a simple and hassle free process. One company that offers you the legal document drafting facility is Bright Leaf. Browse our site for more information on legal document drafting, document management solution, or corporate legal software. About the Author: Essential Factors When Dealing With Discrimination In The Work Place By: Elisa Dean – Discrimination can be sensed by plenty of individuals, but it’s quite difficult to prove that you’ve been discriminated against, specially when you’re in the workplace. Even though some assertions can be an example of being discriminated against, it wouldn’t … Tags: Trouble-free Suggestions In Handling Employment Problems By: Bobby Smith – Employers generally make mistakes and you cannot blame them if they don’t know as much as they need to about the employment law. You could employ attorneys to help you with this concern, but some businesses don’t have sufficient resources to employ these exp … Tags: The Best Guidelines In Handling Best Employment Lawyers Nyc By: Robert K. Sanders – In case you are planning to employ an employment lawyer in NYC, experience will be a crucial aspect to think about. It’s not really a bad idea to consider new attorneys, but it’s always great to hire somebody that already has a lot of practical experience in … Tags: How These 10 Things Will Alter The Way You See Employment Attorneys By: Charlie Hahn – Even though employment law appears to be one-sided towards staff, it may also protect the employers if the workers are attempting to abuse them. Some employers are far too easygoing so their workers are trying to take advantage of this. Tags: Looking At Key Factors In Handling Employment Discrimination Lawyers By: Esther Knighton – If you’re going to employ an employment lawyer in NYC, it is wise to take notice of the practical experience of these professionals. 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