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UnCategorized Golf is a game wherein a player swings using a golf club at a ball from a teeing ground and tries to bring the ball to the hole. It is usually played on golf courses which a full game would include 18 stages called holes. Golf courses are immense. A typical hole consists of a teeing ground, fairway, rough and the green where the hole or cup can be found. Plus, there are different hazards and features of each hole. With the sheer size of a golf course and the need for a lot of different golf clubs and equipment mean that getting around and completing a course is would be difficult. This is the use of a proper golf bag. Golf bags are used to carry all the player’s equipment and clubs. It is probably the most essential part of any golfer’s gear. And choosing a proper bag would mean the difference between a fun and comfortable game from a frustrating game. With that in mind, a player has three different options for a bag. There is a golf cart bag which is placed behind a cart and is useful for those who does not carry their bags and who does not have the comfort of a caddy. There is the tour golf bag which is usually used by professionals. This bag is the biggest among the three kinds and can weigh up to 40 pounds with full gear inside. Then we have the golf stand carry bag or golf stand bag. The golf stand carry bag or golf stand bag is the most versatile golf bag. This is because the player has two options in using the bag. First he or she can opt to place it behind the cart and use it like a golf cart bag. The other option is to use it as a carry bag. The golf stand bag uses a spring loaded stand so using the bag is no problem. The player does not need a caddy or anyone else to hold it for him or her. This spring loaded stand prevents damage both to the club and the bag itself as it does not touch the ground. Another upside to using a golf stand bag is that a player will not need to worry about bending over too much since the bag is standing at an adjustable angle, the player can easily reach out for the club he or she needs. A golf stand bag is specifically designed for comfort and to prevent injuries for players who carry their own bags. This type of bag usually offer dual strap system so that when a player carries the bag the weight is divided equally on both shoulders thus preventing too much strain on a shoulder which can lead to injuries. This is also an ideal bag for players with back problems because carrying the bag is easier compared to other golf bags. It truly is the bag for comfort, easing the stress of playing so that a player can enjoy his or her golfing experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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