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Customer Service Telemarketing is considered as a step towards building fruitful relationship with the clients. It is one of the most effective tools for marketing and communication as it enables the sales person to interact directly with the prospective customer. Telemarketing BPO service involves marketing goods or services and providing customer services over telephone. It is divided into two parts- inbound and outbound telemarketing. Inbound telemarketing involves incoming calls from the viewers who want to order advertised product or ask for additional information. Some inbound call center services are help desk, customer service, order taking and many more. An outbound call center, on the other hand, involves calls made by the sales person to prospects or existing customers. Telemarketing BPO services have unbeatable advantages over other marketing tools. Few of them can be listed below- Instant attention Telemarketing can not be disregarded or ignored. This is in the sense that ringing telephone is something that prospects can not ignore. On the other hand, marketing done through radio promotion or advertisement including billboards, newspaper, magazine etc can be forgotten once you have read it or seen it. Instant sales Telemarketing leads to immediate answer as it establishes the conversation rights away. Two way communications is the primary advantage of telemarketing service. This makes it easier for the customer to understand the features of the product or service and most importantly all the queries of the customer can be answered promptly. This can even lead to sale in an instant. Increased sales domain Telemarketing enables the sales person to target not only the local customers but also national and global customers. This helps in generating more sales lead and hence, more sales. 24/7 support Another advantage of telemarketing services is that it is available 24*7 at 365 days a year. Telemarketing call centers function all through the day and also in the night. This kind of service provided by telemarketing enables the business to answer the questions of prospects and address their concern at any time. 24*7 availability also enables you to call the customer at the time they prefer so you do not end up disturbing them in something important. This helps in building strong customer relationship with the new and existing customers. Better customer relationship Telemarketing makes the business relationship with the customer more personal and interactive as it involves two way communications. Flexible It is the only marketing medium available that allows you to make any changes in the existing marketing strategy at any time to increase the results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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