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Web-Development Drupal is a popular, free and open source CMS (Content Management System) platform that powers innumerable websites worldwide and other web applications. If you are new to Drupal, the following information would help you understand all about CMS Drupal. Drupal is created, used and supported by a community of active and diverse wed developing professionals around the world. Drupal allows you to create, publish, manage and organize web content with myriad of options for customization. You can use Drupal to build all types of web property including, personal blogs, social networking sites or any other enterprise application. The built-in Drupal modules and designs allows you to build any site you would imagine. Just like any other software, Drupal too is written in a specific coding language and language used is PHP. PHP is extremely user friendly and it is compatible with MAC, Linux, Windows and other Operating Systems. Drupal database system is MySQL and it used for storage purpose. Similar to content management system, Drupal has its own unique naming conventions. For instance, in Drupal, a node is referred to as story or page. The striking feature of Drupal is that the software provides you the flexibility to determine you own naming conventions as per your choice. Owing to the flexibility and user friendly interface of software, you can develop a web property as per your choice. You just need to have technical knowledge of how to run the software and you can virtually create a website of any kind and size. How to install CMS Drupal on your system? To install Drupal CMS on your system you need to first download the latest version of the software from the developers website. Use software such as Total commander or Winzip to extract the downloaded files and save it in your hard drive. Once you extract the files, edit the file named setting php located in the default folder. Next setup the url of your website and the basic variables of MySQL database such as user id, password and database server. Use any FTP (file transfer protocol) program to upload the extracted Drupal files on the web host. Next, log into your phpMyAdmin and use the database.mysql file in the default database folder to create MySQL tablets. Now open the internet browser and direct it to your website. Create a new account, the first user account you create will become your admin account automatically and you would full admin rights for the account. Another alternative and easier way to install PHP script is to sign up for a credible web hosting service that offers built-in PHP scripts. Then you can go to our control panel, browse through the section of pre-installed scripts and select Drupal, the installer will automatically do the job for you. You just have to choose the script you wish to install. Requirements for Drupal Web Hosting: Before installing Drupal, make sure that your web hosting service provider offers PHP support, MySQL database and cron jobs. To run Drupal you need to have PHP 4.3.3 version or higher, MySQL version v3.23.17 or higher and PHP XML extenstion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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