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Home-Improvement If you reside in the Philippines, summer means several things to you: yummy halo halo, ice cold sagot gulaman, beautiful people lying on the white sand beach, vacation and more often than not hot sticky sweat. The temperature in the Philippines this year is expected to rise to 38 degrees celcius. This also means higher electricity bill because nobody wants that icky sticky sweaty feeling! So prepare your water coolers, bring out those fans because here are small ways to keep your summer nights cooler and your electricity bill lower: Keep it cooler inside: Aircon Keep your shared closed when turning on the aircon. It will keep the temperature in the room cooler = less work for your aircon, lower electricity consumption. Buy light shaded colors (if you cant find white) as they will reflect the light and heat away from your house. Twice a month, every week depends on your diligence and available time, clean your aircon filter. It will make for a smoother run. Avoid placing heat producing appliances beside your aircon as this may trick your aircon into thinking the room is actually warmer than it already is will make your aircon work double time (higher electricity consumption!) Try to practice this: use a timer for your aircon and around 2 hours before you sleep or when it gets significantly coldest in the night, turn it off and let your electric fan do the cooling. Imagine the 2 hour savings youll get from turning off the aircon! Ceiling Fans Cant afford aircon? Use ceiling fans and make sure the fans blow downward and in a counter clockwise direction. Washing Machines Wash your clothes at night when its cooler, as the washing machine produces additional heat. Use cold water to wash clothes if possible, to put less strain (and lower electricity bill) on your heater. Kitchen The stove is one of the most heat generating appliances in the house so if possible, turn on the fan so the heat produced goes out of the house instead of inside the house. Also, try to cook less or prepare no cooks meals such as sandwiches. Nothing beats a cool meal to end a hot day! Refrigerator Dust buildup on your refrigerators cooling coils will decrease energy efficiency and shorten the life span of its compressor so clean it every 3 months (depending on amount of dust that settles in your house). Cooling from the outside Trees! Plant them in the area where the sun hits the hottest. Shade your aircon with it. Keep away from trees that shed too much (like mahogany) as it will only clog your gutters if youre too lazy to clean up after it. Paint your roof a light shade if not white. Black will only absorb heat. Insulate your attic or ceiling. Some people have put up to 12 inches of insulation just to cool their homes. Insulation is available in your friendly neighborhood hardware store. Doing landscaping? Put more greens, than stones, rocks, cements or asphalt. They only soak up more heat. And you know whats almost completely free? Going to the mall! Assuming the mall youre visiting has aircon, you will be entertained, and definitely be cooled. About the Author: By: Rosario Berry – Cold storage rooms are entering the 21st Century and lately, significant developments in refrigeration technologies have ensured that fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, meats a … By: sinuse – The reaction for this issue continues running with Access Control Systems Queens gave by Pogo Security System administrations Queens. By: ictadmin – Come effettuare in modo corretto la manutenzione dei serramenti in legno alluminio per la nostra casa, assicuriamoci la salute duratura degli infissi. By: ictadmin – I decalcificatori sono uno strumento utile per proteggere la nostra casa dal calcare, scopriamo esattamente quali danni provoca e come tenerlo a bada. By: Kaiyden Tyler – Ever wanted to renovate that old rusty kitchen, bathroom, basement or even the office? Did you ever wonder on how to go about it? More so, have you wondered on how to hire a good … By: John B. Beamon – Any locksmith is one particular people you truly will not provide considerably considered to, until you are usually faced with an emergency circumstances. However, should you del … By: Michael Black – A new locksmith is some of those people you actually tend not to give significantly considered to, if you are generally up against a serious event scenario. Sadly, if you delay u … By: Margaret White – A locksmith can be a type of people you probably do not supply significantly considered to, if you don’t usually are up against an urgent situation scenario. Unfortunately, when … By: Ron GoldSmith – These days granite honeycomb panels are mightily used for kitchen reconstruction. Granite is just the ticket in manufacturing countertops because of its lovely appearance and the … By: sinuse – Nowadays people are looking to take an advantage to add a concrete garage for their car storage that keep protecting from dust and unfavourable weather conditions. Here Betta bui … 相关的主题文章:

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