the child was showing signs of improvement. All thanks to Mills Counseling Services 战机飞越宫古海峡

Depression Given hereunder is an account narrated by a friend of one of our customers, who had approached Mills counseling services for her errant child. My friend had a child, who was born to his mother prematurely, and hence was not developed mentally. He was born in the sixth month itself. Whenever, I went to his house, my friend always complained that he was very weak in studies and was asking my son to help him out in school. He was attending coaching classes for every subject, but that did not yield results. His report card always had those red marks at the end of the year. When he was in the fourth standard, his teachers called his parents to school to inform them that he should not be promoted as he did not have the intelligence required for it. At the end of the year in the fourth standard, his report card had five red marks for the five subjects that he had failed in, out of a total of eight subjects. Maths, Science, Geography, History, Literature were the subjects with red marks. His teachers did not give him much chance in the fifth class and hence they had called his parents to school to inform them that he was not being promoted to class five. His parents were shown his class test books and class work books. His parents could do nothing but to listen to the things that his teachers had to say for him. They were ashamed of being his parents. On his part the child also did not feel very happy. Back home, their relationship reached a new nadir. When they had given up all hope on their child, I suggested that they go to Mills Counseling Services to sort out their problem. They approached the center and met people there. They were attended to by Lafayette Louisiana counselors. They made a thorough reading of the case and also went through the books of their son. They noticed that he had difficulty in writing certain letters and was also bad at remembering whatever he had read. On further probing they found out that he was a dyslexic child. The parents were surprised and grieved. But Mills Counseling Services helped them out by providing a licensed therapist in Louisiana to their child and helping him come out of his depression that he was in. After that, they located a school for such special children and with his parents permission admitted him to such a school. Things were better now; the child was showing signs of improvement. All thanks to Mills Counseling Services, they had got back their child. Apart from this, Mills Counseling Services also offers the services of a licensed professional counselor in LA, a family therapist in Louisiana, Lafayette Louisiana counselors, couples counseling in Lafayette Louisiana, marriage counseling in Louisiana, a Louisiana licensed social worker, etc. Therapist in Louisiana 相关的主题文章:

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