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Pregnancy Losing post pregnancy weight can be done quickly with an arsenal that includes workouts that can be done every day. Fortunately for you there are alot of exercises available that are both effective and fun. With the following tips you’ll be able to supercharge that workout in order to get you back down to pre-pregnancy weight before you know it. The Reverse Curl: A woman who has just given birth to a baby will need to do some real work to get her abs back in shape and reverse curls can really help with that. For this exercise, lie down on the floor looking up at the ceiling and bend your knees. Your feet need to be positioned just above your hips and and, keeping your arms on the floor, straight down from your shoulders and next to your torso, lift your hips off of the floor while drawing in your abs and breathing in and out. Slowly return to the start position and then repeat. Do this 20 times if you can. If you can’t, keep doing it until you can do 20. Then try working up to 50. This exercise is great for your abs and will help you lose the pouch as well as helping you walk straight and with more confidence. Pilates: Pilates probably seems slow but it burns at least two hundred calories per hour. That’s a lot of calories for just doing a few stretching movements. You can learn different kinds of moves by watching online videos, DVDs or reading books. One of the best post-natal exercises for women looking to lose weight is to lay on your back with your knees bent. Put your hands behind your head and take a breath. Then, breathe out as you contract your abs and lift your head and shoulders off the floor. Then extend your arms while keeping your palms down and lifting your legs into a 45 degree angle from your body (while keeping them straight). Pump your arms in a rhythmic manner and inhale over the course of five beats. Release your air on a count of five. Doing 100 of these a day will help you get into shape really fast! You probably already know this next exercise called the classic crunch. To do a crunch you simply lie on the ground with hand behind your head and knees bent. The next thing to do is inhale as you life your head and shoulders off the ground and exhale as you tighten your abs and lower your head and shoulders back to the floor. While you’re doing that, bring your ribs towards your hips while relaxing your bottom. Now slowly recover to your initial position. At some point you’ll want to do many more than you start with slowly working toward 50. When you can do fifty, you may want to add a small weight to make it a little challenging, but be careful that you don’t hurt yourself. If you keep up with these exercises three or more days a week and eating right you will shed that baby weight fast. Keep it up and in just a few weeks you should be able to see great results, which should give you the motivation to continue until all of your pregnancy weight is gone. Most of these suggestions might be invaluable for yourself throughout and also after the pregnancy period. Anyhow, if you wish to lose the baby weight faster through and after the pregnancy period, then you simply must follow a detailed fat burning system which includes both physical fitness plan and diet plan. Take a look at the bottom of this page for a few suggestions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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