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Legal Everyone has heard about the trial of Casey Anthony, whose daughter Caylee was reported missing in July 2008 before her remains turned up in the woods in December of that same year. Casey was put on trial for the childs murder, but was later acquitted. This particular tragedy took place in Orlando, but its an unfortunate truth that occurrences such as this happen just about everywhere; even in Fort Lauderdale and everywhere else outside of Florida. Usually, criminal trials can be brought to a satisfying conclusion because of the hard work of the criminal attorneys and prosecutors involved, but the trial of Casey Anthony was met with a lot of controversy. Theres one thing that should be made absolutely clear: The correct verdict isnt always reached. While its relatively uncommon for the guilty to go unpunished and the innocent to be convicted with crimes they had no part in, it does happen. However, the law is working hard to make sure such things occur as infrequently as possible because such mistakes have the potential to ruin lives and even allow for crimes to take place again. Many people think that the acquittal of Casey Anthony was one such example of the law being careless, while others disagree. In truth, it is possible that the verdict was wrong. However, it should also be remembered that the court reached its decision for a reason. Though many people were calling for her conviction, the evidence seemed to suggest that Casey had nothing to do with Caylees death. Therefore, accusations that the court was careless or that the trial was a joke are inaccurate. Casey Anthony was acquitted because she had a highly adept criminal attorney who reviewed the facts of her case and gave her the best possible representation in court. The fact is that throughout Fort Lauderdale and the rest of Florida (and the world at large), many people face false criminal charges every day, and some of them find themselves behind bars, serving time for what they didnt do. And this was because they didnt have the guidance and protection of a dedicated Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney to see their case through to the end. Fort Lauderdale has very prestigious law firms who specialize in getting people acquitted if theyve been wrongfully accused of any crime. About the Author: You can trust the experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal Attorney Michael Leader at Leader & Leader, PA, to provide an aggressive criminal defense. From our Fort Lauderdale office, our Fort Lauderdale criminal attorneys will use their more than 68 years of combined experience to defend you anywhere in the state of Florida. We serve Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe counties in any state or federal court criminal matter. Article Published On: – Legal 相关的主题文章:

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