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ACME People Search, is the most comprehensive and well planned , home business opportunity I have ever worked with. I have learned more in the 3 months I have been under Tissa?s tutelage than in all my years trying to make a few dollars on the internet. However, since he specializes in marketing his site. I wanted to share with you some truths about the program. This will save you mountains of time and effort in successfully running your home based people search business. 1) If you want maximum success it is NOT free. It is not expensive either. Can you use the site for free? Yes. Will you benefit financially? Not much. ACME is a system designed to make you money from 5 sources of income. 1) Clickbank 2) HD Publishing 3) 4) Global Domains International 5) Tissa himself The first 3 streams of income you get from your actual people search engine. The other two you get from referring people to ACME, which by the way, sells itself. Tissa has carefully designed the program so you are getting a quality business for your money. What do you need to pay for? Well you should sign up with GDI when you reach Step 2. This will cost you $10 a month. You need to remain a customer of Step 3. Tissa will advertise the people search engine for you. This will cost you $30 a month. So that is $40 a month overhead. You go ask any friend of yours that have a business and ask what they think of $40 overhead. 2) Remain signed up for Step 3. What! Why? Well first, come on, this guy has built the fabulous system for you to use and you think you should give nothing back to him. Ok so you feel that way, well , there are other reasons to remain signed up for Step 3. When you are in your ACME admin , click the link account profile, then click the link at the bottom of the page that reads. Looking for Tissa?s ?Secret? GDI Sign-up Sauce? He has built a GDI referral system into the system. This is only active as a Step 3 customers. You can build a small fortune with this program alone. 3) Advertise your Presell page link (not your actual search engine link) This is what is so hard for most to understand. Advertise your Presell Page link NOT your actual people search site. Remember, Tissa will be advertising the search engine for you. You do not have to. The profits are in the referral program. 4) Tissa pays out $200 Yes you get $125 guaranteed money when you sign up for the program. But he does not pay out until you reach $200. This means you have to do a bit of work to get there. 5) Do not use referral building websites to get referrals. ACME will withhold 80% of your referral money if you do not attract quality referrals. You need referrals that will sign up and maintain all steps of the program. Explain to them it will cost $40 a month and explain their profit potential. 6) You have a real business so advertise it like one. The beauty of this whole system is that you can advertise it and not be ashamed. It is a real business. It is very profitable. It is something people look for every day on the internet. I have advertised this plan hundreds of times on Craigslist and I am never flagged. Why? Because I am offering people an actual business and not a get rich opportunity. I’m here to help you succeed with both your search engine and GDI and earn money through internet. Don’t forget to complete all three steps for setting up your search engine from here: To give you an idea how to drive traffic to the affiliate link please visit our training site created by our sponsor Brian Bear who is in your upline too and who is the top earner in this business. He knows a lot smile Every body wants money so this is the chance to earn more by spending 1hr/day. Great Locksmithing Know How That Just About Anyone Can Use By: Peggy Hutchison – A locksmith is a professional who quickly becomes indispensable. 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