you need to spend less time trying to convert everyone and more time converting those who already want to be converted. The power of attraction marketing is that 意大利居民楼倒塌 孙耀威迎娶女友

UnCategorized Attraction Marketing is a term used by more and more internet businesses, but most of the time, it remains this vague (not network marketing) definition that really does not explain the power of attraction marketing. If you’ve been doing business on the internet for any length of time, you will understand that the primary struggle facing most businesses isn’t necessarily finding customers it’s keeping them. That’s what attraction marketing is all about. Rather than focus on one-time sales and continually buying lead lists and making cold calls to find new customers, the purpose of attraction marketing is to build long-term relationships with customers to whom you provide goods or services over and over again. Attraction marketing recognizes that you are simply wasting your time by reaching out to everyone you know, because the likelihood of you converting people that are on your target list simply because they married your cousin are extremely low. To be successful, you need to spend less time trying to convert everyone and more time converting those who already want to be converted. The power of attraction marketing is that, instead of spending your time chasing after potential leads, making cold calls, and trying to find new customers, you’ll have customers (genuinely interested customers) coming to you, meeting you halfway in the sales process. Because you are focusing on customers who already have an interest in your product or service, your conversion rate will increase dramatically, as should your sales and revenues. The idea behind attraction marketing is that you no longer have to be the person you probably hate to be: the high-pressure sales person. Instead, you focus on making yourself credible in your field and let people learn about your credibility through maintaining (regularly, at least twice a week) a blog. You have a website that is easy to navigate, clean, and fun to explore. You provide beneficial information that truly helps your customers, and you do it for no charge, knowing that if what you provide them for free works well, they’ll come back to buy more. You don’t chase after customers who don’t buy right now, because your focus has shifted from sell, sell, sell, to building long-term relationships. If a customer doesn’t buy now, don’t scare them away for good with old-fashioned, high-pressure scare tactics make sure they know how much you appreciate their visit (follow-up emails) and invite them back again (trial memberships, free information). While attraction marketing may seem like a new concept, it is really just a new buzzword applied to the internet version of a very old concept. Think of some of the favorite stores you frequent. Do you go to the ones where a salesperson attacks you from the minute you walk through the door and becomes a shadow to you, or do you go to the store where you can browse through the merchandise and see what’s new on the shelves? Attraction marketing helps you retain customers for life by providing a positive experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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