The 85 year old 18 years wandering in Xiamen McDonald’s favorite newspapers in Fujian channel foxpro6.0免费下载

The 85 year old 18 years wandering in Xiamen   McDonald’s favorite newspapers in Fujian channel — original title: 85 years old 18 years wandering in Xiamen in McDonald’s favorite newspapers neatly dressed, refined manners, Ren Shuxue carefully put tofu half, pick up a block in a Rice porridge eat. He smiled and told reporters: "you really pick, these dishes are very good to my taste." This scene occurs in McDonald’s Poly Thai shop. Surprisingly, Ren Shuxue is 85 years old this year, has been wandering in Xiamen for 18 years, had no contact with family, friends do not want to disturb. He answered lightly: "I am so good now, alive one day, happy day." The peaceful old man, what has gone through? At McDonald’s favorite newspaper in 1996, Ren Shuxue old man with simple travelling bag, run away. From his hometown Liaoning all the way south, came to Xiamen. "I worked in a teahouse to help clean up." By doing odd jobs, picking up trash, he could barely earn a little money, do not go hungry. Why don’t you get in touch with your family since you have family? The reporter’s doubts, let him suddenly frowned. His side face, language is not a sentence, just said: "children are not filial ah, do not want to contact them." For his family, he did not want to say, do not want to go to the rescue station. During the day, the old man would wander around, sometimes go to the library, and sometimes go to the museum. At night, it will open 24 hours McDonald’s and kfc. "When you need a bath, go to the temple." His right hand, and a watch. On the table, "Reference News" and glasses. He told reporters that the newspaper is his only hobby, he also likes to read Schopenhauer’s book. "Recently, he looked haggard, probably because of hunger, stay up late." In McDonald’s Poly Thai shop Xiao Wu told reporters, there are often some tramp night accommodation, but generally only appeared one or two times, as he is stay for the longest time, an estimated half a year. Little Wu Yue, the old man never beg to dinner guests, never with garbage into the restaurant, clear headed, so his colleagues impressed him deeply. The night wore on, the reporter asked: "are you hungry? What would you like to eat?" Grandpa just want a bowl of porridge. The reporter back to McDonald’s with porridge, pickles, tofu, boiled eggs, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, the old man shaking her head whisper: "children are not so obedient." Optimistic attitude to thank the good side, I seem to be a bit of a stroke, the joint often hurt badly." The old man took out two white plastic bags filled with drugs. He reluctantly said that every time a joint pain, he will eat this medicine. Now, the medicine is almost finished. He went to several pharmacies, did not buy. The old man’s body is much worse than before, not doing odd jobs, picking up trash, eating has become a problem. This Wednesday, Ms. Yan to Lianban near work, and friends meet at McDonald’s for dinner. "I saw the thing that the grandfather had left on the table, from the table to the table." Ms. Yan worried that he cannot eat to the full, he and a friend took grandpa to eat in Hand-Pulled Noodle ren. "He was very polite, the small Hand-Pulled Noodle, without meat." Ms. Yan, the old man相关的主题文章:

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