Cherish what you have at the moment! After my girlfriend quarrel 67 orange – Sina hearthstone. adobe gamma

Cherish what you have at the moment! After my girlfriend quarrel 67 orange – Sina hearthstone area into the Great Red Dragon Queen…… So, for the game, a symbol of strong orange and wealth, and for me now, just past the symbol. They don’t belong to me now, it’s all about ten days ago…… Since she is also nothing to play hearthstone, I often play with her pad, her account is no longer above the password pad. Unexpectedly, in September 29th, I went back home in the countryside, on the road, and my girlfriend WeChat inside the noisy up, the second day I log hearthstone, was shocked. More than and 60 my orange, some purple blue card, ten card packs, more than 4 thousand dust, more than 1 thousand gold coins are gone, the harvest is a golden deer, I almost went mad. Then I asked her if she broke up, and he said yes to WeChat. Oh, have three years of playing the account, night returned to liberation. The second day I call customer service directly, apply for recovery, the answer is: can not restore. Because it is commonly used equipment is broken down. A few days later, I kept calling the customer service, trying to recover the loss, the results still can not be restored. Funny is the 5 day, I call the customer service, he said, can only restore the three, or within seven days of decomposition. I want to do it, to restore the three bar. The great, star by star, Renault, restore these three. After the funny thing came: can not be restored!!!! Ten thousand years to submit the form, I was separated from the card, more than 144 hours… It was only about three hours after the application was restored more than an hour. Now I have figured out. Forget it, this game, when I never played. It’s just as good as her feelings. Funny thing is, I left the bag, gold, dust, are left for her to play, but also did not, I really did not expect her to do such a thing. Now I left the orange card, only 4 pages. This is WeChat chat records, huh, huh, not just the game??????? Maybe for her, it’s just a game. The epic card is almost broken down, and I’m fine. BlackRock also adventurers Association The whole army was wiped out., half, Cara praised the half, simply Naxxramas escaped. I use the experience to tell you, if you cherish the game, to protect their own account, do not lend to others. Don’t let the one you love ruin your favorite game. Card is broken, it is necessary to appeal in 144 hours, do not believe that the customer service said the seven day, this sentence is too much water… Do not often play games in the Internet cafe, the phone is best not to set the password to remember. In order to your card, I hope you remember what I said, hearthstone, it seems to say goodbye. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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