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Xinjiang Urumqi City neighborhood million drug addicts stole jade "addict" Yang stumbled downstairs is a jade shop office, inside the store a lot of jade, he will be moving from a distorted mind. In order to raise drug money, he and his partner with 50 kilograms of jade stolen, worth more than 100 yuan. In November 24th, a reporter from the Xinjiang Urumqi City Public Security Bureau shayibake Police Brigade heavy case two team learned that two suspects have been arrested for prosecution by the police. Investigators said that in October 15th this year, 12 am, they received a friendly North Road police station: North Arts Park Street, a third floor of the house was stolen, stolen jade more than 50 kilograms, worth more than $100." Police said, he was engaged in Taobao jade shop, stolen house is real office, there is a lot of jade stone, jade bracelets, jade crafts, "Xu locked home I’m 14, 18, 15, 12 pm to the office found that most fine jade was stolen". Police said the scene investigation found that the suspect is the use of technical means to unlock the house open. Through the transfer of the nearby monitoring found that the incident that day at 8 pm, a man engaged in building, carrying a bag, a bag on his shoulder. Men out of the area soon, they will take a taxi back, pick up another man out of the upstairs, the two left, in the vicinity of the Railway Bureau under the car. Mastered the information, we suspect the place to get off the investigation, on the morning of October 19th, we first arrested Yang yang". After interrogation, the 35 year old Yang confessed to the crime of theft. Yang said that the floor of the four floor in their rent for a year, no more than a month ago found three buildings have a lot of jade, then up however, and called on the technical unlocking poison friends Kou (40 years old). Two people on October 15th at about 3 am to steal into the room. Police said the history of drug abuse Yang, 2011, in 2012 had been dealt with by the public security organs to combat theft, climbing balcony theft in 2014, his legs fell into a comminuted fracture, in April and May this year has just been restored. At present, the basic recovery of the stolen loot. (Gan Wen)相关的主题文章:

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