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Huizhou 10 year old twin sister cried the cat back by the touch pro Huizhou twin 10 year old chaotic cat sister cried back was disorderly fumble in laws live Hu Shuhe Meng aunt a district of Huizhou city recently suffered a dilemma, 10 year old granddaughter night cat when he was molested security. Two old property management office to negotiate, the two sides dispute. Currently, the police are investigating the case. Text Guangzhou Daily reporter Qin Zhongyang incident: girls find the cat was molested by security guards obscene girl owners occurred in the evening of October 20th. Hu said the twins granddaughter 10 years old, is a primary school students in grade 3. "After dinner in the evening of October 20th, our family went for a walk in the District, and when they got home, they picked up a cat. At about 10 in the evening, the cat fell from the window, and the children go out alone to find a cat, and then go home first sister. After her sister came home, was crying back. She said that there is a security guard to take her to the cat, to the underground garage did not monitor the corner of the touch of her privacy, kiss her, she struggled to escape run home, trembling with fear. Then we hastened to report, police arrested the man that night." Hu Shu said that the suspect’s cousin and they want to be private, police said no, because the case has been filed. At the beginning of November, they asked the progress of the case, the police told them that the suspect has been in administrative detention for 15 days, will be released. Aunt Hu Shumeng refused to go to the residential property management office to video, the two sides dispute the results. According to the police investigation, Hu Shu home only two twin granddaughter live with them. Allegedly, the father of the twins because of mental illness, shortly after they were born to leave, his mother also ran away from home, has no news. Police: someone’s security has been arrested 15 days yesterday, reporters came to the village, see this area is the cascade terrain, the underground garage during the day must also turn on the lights, there are cameras, but still can not see the dead, the cell door security booth not far from the garage entrance first. The police, the night of the incident has involved Security arrested Liu, immediately collect relevant evidence and video. After interrogation, Liu admitted that he had borrowed to help the child to find a cat on the grounds, to the video dead place took the opportunity to kiss girls, girls and other parts of the privacy act. The police station after the investigation, according to the specific security violations involved, according to the relevant provisions of the "Public Security Management Punishment Law" article forty-fourth, approved by the legal department shall report to the public security organs, the security sentenced to fifteen days of administrative detention punishment. The evening of October 21st, Hu Shujia, director of the property management department to visit the victims of the girls, and sent a 5000 yuan condolences to gold, on behalf of the property management on behalf of the security staff apologized. In the meantime, the police organized two parties to mediate consultations and inform the parties if they are not satisfied with the negotiations, but also to the court. Hu Shu said the lawsuit can not afford, I hope the other side to compensate sixty thousand yuan to granddaughter treatment, after the end of the treatment and more back to fill less. But Wuguan said, can only pay twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, you can sue to the court, the court can compensate how much. Later, Wuguan said only to give more than 5000 yuan. Renewed turmoil: the victim’s family and property dispute Hu uncle told reporters, that security after the release, considering only the lawsuit claims.相关的主题文章:

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