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"Lanling Princess" today at   Princess Lily Tien full range of highly anticipated – Shandong channel — Lily Tien in Lan Ling Princess directed by Hongkong director Ye Zhaoyi, Zhang Hanyun, Peng Guanying, Andy Chen, Lily Tien starred in the TV drama "Princess Costume romance" will be landing Lanling mango TV today to enjoy watching the membership form. Huace artist Lily Tien is the mother of Lanling Wang played in the drama purple charm, is the four major Palace of the Earth Xuanwu day custodian of the Dharma, is willing to pay all the selfless maternal love, her love to the high Changgong (Chen Yishi) infinite pressure, also make Gao Changgong a tragedy. "Lanling Princess" adapted from Internet novel of the same name written by Yang Qianzi, the play tells the melee China for the Northern Dynasties, has dominated Qing Luan mirror secret, inside the palace between country and country, and even the arena set off a reign of terror. During the yuan and Qing lock (Zhang Hanyun decoration) met respectively Lanling Wang Gao Changgong and Northern Zhou Yuwen Yong (Peng Guanying), a section of their emotional entanglements, Yuan Qing lock final achievement of emperor Yong Yuwen for dominance, and choose to leave the Northern Zhou Dynasty and the high death Changgong Lan Ling wang. Often the charm of freaky and career woman image active in the flesh of the Lily Tien challenge a new role, as the purple charm is a bear and ambition and means woman, Lan Ling Wang is a legend in the history of exploits of Wang Changxiang Lanling feminine beauty, by Lily Tien in Lanling mother purple charm, is to a proper extent, whether acting or shape are indeed welcomed. Whether it is "love in spring" tough mother "white peony", or "the new bride with white hair" the poison in the mother red ghost mother, or "boyfriend" wonderful in My Sexy mom, Lily Tien has played every mother’s role. This can show how a classic image of mother in "Lanling Princess" in Lily Tien? And will bring us what kind of surprise? Tonight 20:00, mango TV look forward to! (commissioning editor Zhang Liandong and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章:

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