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Author Liu Zhenyun Baoqiang Wang: he is very not easy to see very hard – Sohu culture channel Liu Yulin returning the first film adaptation of the novel on the choice of the father. Yesterday the scene, from left to right as Lee Luigi Nono, Wu Di, Liu Yulin, man, Liu Zhenyun, Sun Qian, Li Qian, Bei Liu, Qi xi. According to Liu Zhenyun’s novel adaptation of the movie "one top ten thousand" in Beijing yesterday announced that the scheduled November 11th, the film directed by Liu Zhenyun Liu Yulin, the daughter of producer Jiang Zhiqiang, author Liu Zhenyun screenwriter, Li Qian, Bei Liu, why, starring Wei Fan, Liu Yu Lin revealed the film adaptation mainly the second part from the novel, focusing on Niu Aiguo and Niu Aixiang two people. Liu Zhenyun also the scene behind Baoqiang Wang, he revealed the earliest originally thought to invite Baoqiang Wang in. As for the outside world questioned the voice of Baoqiang Wang did not culture, but also firmly denied Liu Zhenyun, and lamented his deep culture. Liu Yulin’s not a war blockbuster "sub waves a top ten thousand words of" director Liu Yulin is the daughter of Liu Zhenyun, her undergraduate Reading University, after graduation from New York University Graduate School of film studies. In 2014 she took graduate work — the short film "door god" won the forty-first session of the American Oscar (student unit) the best narrative film award. "Top ten thousand" is her first feature film, which she calls "blockbuster": it doesn’t happen on the battlefield, it doesn’t happen on special effects, but in our hearts. Liu Yulin introduced the film is mainly based on the original lower adaptation, is about two ordinary people to find their own talk to people, has experienced numerous difficulties and dangers. Talking about his mind, she said "these things look on the surface of the lining in smooth water, but no less than a war blockbuster roaring waves." As to why the film selected the second half, Liu Yulin explained, "one top ten thousand" is her most love the works of Liu Zhenyun, "after I read a lot of times, the owner of the bull inside patriotism and Niu Aixiang to take the initiative to me, put their confidences to their hearts’ a top ten thousand" you told me the sentence." Liu Zhenyun wanted to find Baoqiang Wang in the Liu Zhenyun admitted that he personally wrote, will maximize the retention of the original novel spirits and sharp lines, to explore the depth of the common marriage life Ningba and tangle. Liu Zhenyun also revealed that in fact last year, making this film was thought to find Baoqiang Wang in, and later because of various reasons to cooperation. For the moment in a "divorce" in Baoqiang Wang, Liu Zhenyun behind: "the treasure is strong is not easy, he is my good friend, but I want to talk to him on the other side, some people say that the treasure is strong without culture, I strongly disagree. I think the treasure is strong culture is very deep, because there are two books in the world: a book is a book on the shelf, and this is the book of life, don’t read the book out of the University’s culture, there is a majority of people do not how to finish college. Bao Qiang is very knowledgeable, very hard, very deeply shaped the role of a particularly good, when I looked at his "Mr. tree", I have told you that you have a strong future." Why will stall the singles ice相关的主题文章:

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