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Jacky Cheung Eason Chan Beijing concert of classical music fans all know Jacky Cheung Eason Chan of Sina entertainment news this weekend, I believe a lot of friends buddy are maxed out screen concert! Two Chinese music circle singer – Jacky Cheung and Eason Chan [micro-blog] with the Imperial Grand Concert "live for a long time to see"! See tomorrow see Jacky Eason today, just one weekend to complete two "life most want to see the concert" stamps, is simply not so happy! A carefully build elaborate four Taiwan, classical singing three days opened the tour; a bird’s nest 80000 field, even hi two night three years tour perfect ending, a city in the beginning and end of dramatic scene. More importantly, all the two music God best in concert, concert stage performance and not on the scene said the most incisive, sound, stage is more excellence, Xueyou ultra high production standards and complete the four Taiwan people gasp in admiration, Dr. Chen more sing the best sound nest refresh in short, the fans are fans of the feast of welfare. Jacky Cheung World Tour kicked off the Beijing DaTouZhen: excellent four Taiwan high level pull caught 30 years "for five years, Jacky Cheung" A CLASSIC TOUR "World Tour finally kicked off in Beijing. It is worth mentioning that the concert he Xueyou erection the hearts of the most classic four taiwan. In addition to four Taiwan is not solid, Xueyou the concert with 32 people and a large orchestra and the orchestra team and 30 professional dancers, acrobats, and selected 40 songs for a concert in Beijing in late three. The concert laughs, this production is expensive. This "expensive" luxury "is also visible". At the beginning, the stage lights seemed to bridge a tunnel of time and space to the past. The effects of laser beam on the stage of the cool flashes of Jacky Cheung, a handsome black suit, wearing a hat, rising from the turntable, the rate of thermal performance 24 dancers "I and you" song. Then the lifting stage stacking a cake shape, the dance group pairs show romantic waltz, Jacky Cheung shuttle in the stage, the cake rotary after the second step, he sometimes went upstairs and downstairs, rich in action, like a musical cabaret. The time change is not lonely, the orchestra and the assistance of band show the moment the concert will become wonderful music concert. Then Jacky Cheung dressed in a black satin blue coat, with modern dancers popular classic love songs "slowly" from "dancing". Whether it is the hot dance song "love" spark "hair"; "she is love songs or listen to my concert" "I really hurt"; and after the new arrangement of the "wildcat" love "legend"; Jacky Cheung is not bad nothing, surrounded by four Taiwan sing the test is not only physical, more stage skills, from time to time and during his interaction with the fans, alternating motion and lyrical, is to let the fans continued to scream at the. "Encore" is part of the much anticipated classic cocktail, wearing a set of golden suit Jacky Cheung, a concert for the rest of my life "to love" "heart" "old legend" "along the way you are")相关的主题文章:

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