A cake shop in a university in Fujian, selling naked genitals spice cake hypersnap-dx

A cake shop in a university in Fujian, selling naked genitals taste cake stores do taste cake has Chegui   vulgar taste cake channel network September 23rd hearing (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Xia Wen Mao Yuqing   Zhaoqing map) "live long! The school cake is so long! Do you dare to buy it?" Last night, Fuzhou, a group of friends sun in the window display of "spice cake" in micro-blog, which highlights the female breast "bikinis" shape, there are other male genitalia, netizens shouted "hot eye". While these large-scale "taste the cake", appeared at the Fuzhou University Zhicheng college Wanjia supermarket. The cake shop still open yesterday morning, the reporters came to Fuzhou University Zhicheng college, Wanjia supermarket is at a distance of three hundred or four hundred metres in front of the school, many students are shopping in the supermarket. The reporter saw, sell the cake is called a "spring wheat" cake shop outside the Wanjia supermarket cash camp, users see the "spice cake" window display in Wanjia supermarket a doorway. However, when reporters arrived, the window is only two ordinary shape cake. A manager surnamed Lin told reporters, "the spring wheat" has just entered the school this week, the test of business, only six of the current fixed style, can also according to customer supplied custom pictures. The reporter saw from the mobile phone manager show style, in addition to three other ordinary cake, the other three is photographed friends "taste cake". These three cakes, "bikinis" shape, the female half naked chest; and "naked style" etc.. The manager told reporters that during the trial operation, the "taste of cake" has been reserved. Indecent cake has been removed from the cabinet such a large scale cake appeared on campus, causing a lot of students and friends hot. School students, especially girls, said particularly embarrassed. "This shape is not very good to others." One student said. This also caused a lively discussion netizens. Netizens said that this kind of fun cake is not the first time I heard that some cake shops in the market also provides customized service, but the public display, but also in the school sale, too vulgar. Yesterday afternoon, reporters once again contact the forest manager, said yesterday, the school will also give them relevant feedback, the three "taste of cake" has been chegui.相关的主题文章:

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