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A cell wall was exposed Xiamen typhoon cut? In fact, real estate is unsold crane collapsed, the supreme Genting No. 5 wall damaged Strait news network September 17th (reporter Shi Guoliang Xu Wen Yin sea map) these two days, the network spread Xiamen Siming District "Genting residential building facades are extreme typhoon blew the news yesterday, the reporters came to the Genting District verify. No. 5 in Genting extreme two floor of tower crane, the overall collapse, the base part twisted into a mass of "iron ball". Close to the side of the tower crane, in addition to the first floor edge is damaged, the top four floors appeared off the facade, reinforced. Residential property manager Li said, when typhoon (the day before yesterday at 3:30 PM), patrol they had heard a loud noise. Found property staff rushed to the scene, the collapse of the originally in the three site of the tower crane, 5, until the early hours of typhoon pause, they found that there is a large 5 building facade was blown down. It is understood that the residential developers for the Xiamen Beverly real estate development company limited. According to a person in charge of the developer, after the incident, the company has been the existence of security risks of the stone cleared, because the building is part of unsold, there is no impact on customers. Next, the developer will repair the entire damaged area, and security monitoring, the first is to remove the peeling place, then after the disaster reconstruction, restoration work. (channel network) >相关的主题文章:

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