All 12 volumes of variable, the new version of death note is the murder weapon. haywire

All 12 volumes of variable, the new version of "death note" is the murder weapon Takeshi obata and thrush teamed up the "death note" has never been stopped, while "Light up the NEW world death note" the movie will be released on October 29th in Japan, and launched the official comics hardcover edition, forthcoming 12 sets of comic bound into voluminous, comparable to a "Six Laws" of the. In other words, people can be used to smash the dead oh! For this big book, the Japanese netizens have commented: 1:2016 (0925 days) this is blunt. 2:2016 0925 (day) can be used to exercise muscles. 3:2016 (0925 days) this is the "Six Laws"? 4:2016 0925 (day) how to read this. 5:2016 0925 (day) will the paper become as thin as a dictionary? 7:2016 (0925 days) to cut it back…… 11:2016 0925 (day) for me to L before and after the death of the contents of separate…… 13:2016 (0925 days) this is the household medical dictionary. 17:2016 0925 (day) you told me how to put this big head on the shelf…… 19:2016 0925 (day) on the beginning of the month did not remove the inside pages of the death note? 21:2016 0925 (day) to sell 2700 yen (about RMB 178.95) is not expensive. 23:2016 0925 (day) with this book will hit the dead. 36:2016 0925 (day) has become a death dictionary. [source: Tencent anime]相关的主题文章:

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