Behind the success of the Big Mac business heavyweights father background sichen

Business giant success secret behind the bigwigs of father Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, the background of Ren Zhengfei, Wang Jianlin, Liu Chuanzhi, the gangster story circulating among entrepreneurs long, they write the myth of wealth almost no wonder. As the saying goes: Nanjing military and political leaders there? The man said: Like father,like son. Those fathers are hidden behind the light heavyweights in the business, government officials, business tycoons or ordinary people unknown to the public? They use their own experience to the son of what kind of inspiration and help? Father Ma Yun low-key acrobatics veteran: father Ma Yun by Malay Malay is a native of Hangzhou, in the Chinese song called veteran arts. The father and son have one thing in common, that is, for the sake of interest. Because of interest, Ma from the English teacher turned into Internet gangster, his father from the photography club entered the arena of quyi. The 17 year old Malay in Hangzhou photography agency engaged in photographic work, but had a strong interest in folk art. In 1981, when 17 year old ma, who was formally transferred to the Malay middle Zhejiang Province Federation of literary and art circles, has served as "Chinese acrobatics will · Zhejiang volume", "China folk music integration · Zhejiang volume" deputy editor, more high status. As a province association leadership, he launched a batch of outstanding works of folk art and new, is the most representative of Shaoxing Lianhualao, like Hu Zhaohai, Ni Qiquan and Weng Renkang are the number of row. After retirement, the Malay law was hired as the expert of intangible cultural heritage, because he devoted his life to art work, well aware of Zhejiang folk art, work theory and historical research has long been engaged in Zhejiang opera, is very concerned about the province on the verge of peril, the urgent need to rescue the folk art category, although still often go to the advanced in age, the new opera rehearsal counseling tracks. However, despite Ma Yun a son in the electronic commerce field all-powerful, Malay law humanness has been very low-key, and many people don’t know how he and Ma Yun had this relationship. Occasionally participate in the forum, after the end of Malay law, the host of a horse teacher is Ma Yun’s father will let the participants issued a burst of surprise. Malay law to educate his son Ma Yun in the mouth of Malay, "our family has a principle, each has its own cause". In Ma’s statement, he was to play in the singing of no interest, it is already on the stage of male who admire the good skill, learn Sanda and Tai chi. One day, the father found love with Ma learned English with his nagging, in some big Dawu, rode a bike to take my son to West Lake while looking for a foreigner to talk. Ma talk more happy, more talk the more fun, learning English is more and more interesting. In his father’s encouragement, Ma has participated in three college entrance examination, English majors from Hangzhou Normal University undergraduate, because of the advantages of English, was hired as the English teachers of the Hangzhou Insitute of Electronic and Technology, and his unique teaching method was elected in Hangzhou city in 1995 ten outstanding young teachers. Subsequently, Ma as the English translation of the first visit to the United States, Cong Lei相关的主题文章:

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