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Beijing – VIDEO – film "Huang Cun machine" the national release of the incarnation of Kara Hui witch bloodthirsty film "Huang Cun machine" the national release of the incarnation of Kara Hui bloodthirsty Witch Movie in September 9th, "Huang Cun machine" premiere in Beijing, director Lu Shi Yu and starring Cai Juntao, Jia Lin, Chen Yuan, and other creative staff to the scene to help out, starring, Hongkong actor Kara Hui specially sent a blessing on video, film at the box office. The film tells the story of Cai Juntao’s book editor than Yi and his teammates separated in a motorcycle accident riding activities, confusion is a red girl guide to a strange Dark Dawn house, where he met Kara Hui’s old woman, two people have undergone a series of horror stories in the house. Director Lu Shiyu said, in addition to the film thriller elements, promote the Chinese filial piety ritual more touching. The same period: Director Lu Shiyu, the film is different from other countries, it is a horror film with Chinese characteristics. This film is a man of filial piety as the theme, in addition to giving people the sensory stimulation, we hope to be able to bring about human nature, values of the audience to think about. Actor Cai Juntao our horror thriller elements in addition to conventional, there are a lot of tears on the inside, I see the film last cry, the film to promote the Chinese filial piety etiquette is very touching, it is scary scene more impressive. The premiere of the scene, the film starring Kara Hui failed to visit the scene, but she sent a blessing video. In VCR, Kara Hui said the theme of the film and filial piety, the story touching, I hope the audience can be inspired by watching the film. At present, the film is the major theatres in. Wang Tao Beijing reported相关的主题文章:

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