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Buddha said: French wisdom was cursed when read the Buddha will be saved under the curse of poison, honest read Guanyin (source: Phoenix Buddhism) [original classic] curse the poison to harm the body. Read the Guanyin force, but also in me. — "Lotus Sutra" [] "the interpretation of Scripture: curse, curse the poison" is read the curse. So, is the meaning of. Curse, like say "hedongshihou", do not have eumenid? The eumenid grab the bollworm child, a: "I like it, I like……" It is a son, will become like eumenid. There are many kinds of charm, especially in Tantra in Tibet, there is a Lama curse, he only need to read the seven days, you can put people to read the dead, he used this spell to kill. The curse can kill, also can help people, now here is the curse of evil. He can recite the mantra, the people will read remain unconscious. All poisons, including all poisons. "Desire and body": all to harm the human body, the body can damage the case, "thinking of that force is in my goddess," if this kind of situation: you, you can only read namo Avalokitesvara, this kind of poison curse and poison poison, not only can not hurt you. And again harm himself. Before there is a place in China, there is a special give suangua suangua, just like the nature of man; "I Ching" kind of divination. This is the very spirit of the fortune teller, why he had so much? Because there is a monster, the devil to help him – the devil is the devil, the devil is a monster, but give it two names, in fact, are a class. The devil will eat a virgin and a virgin every year, so this year to Mr. steal catch a virgin and a virgin, to sacrifice it, give the devil eat. This year, to pay homage to it. The girl was arrested at home, read the holy Bodhisattva, her circle into the room, waiting for her to eat the devil. The little girl usually understand Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, so she read the name; a Bodhisattva, the devil will come. The devil, lying on the window at her eyes, there are two light to shoot this little girl. But this little girl, what do you say? She read Avalokitesvara from her mouth also emit light. From her mouth emit light does not matter, she felt a lot of things from the house, it fell down. The little girl thought it was a monster to eat her, screamed; this is called, but has a zhaye outside, as if they like, just go to this place, heard a girl in the room shouted, he broke into the house. Look, there is a snake is dead. The results will be suangua, caught by the police, a judge him: "why do you put this child tied to this place?" He said: "I have a fairy to help me to people this year to Xian Yao Gua, eat a boy and a girl. Over the years, I have been so kind to support this fairy, so the fairy will help me give suangua very clever, earn a lot of money." After that, he was the police circle to go to the prison, sentenced him to sin by the king. This is a fortune teller, so much, but did not count.相关的主题文章:

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