Can the village nursery leave the child Teachers are the biggest problem.

Can the village nursery leave the child? Teachers are the biggest problem figure: rural kindergarten. Jing Anqi photo of Spring Tomato and cucumber with several stubble from the ground, just dig out the raw peanut is very fragrant, the sheep in the woods is not so easy to understand, millet, corn, wheat, sorghum and other crops ten…… These earthy cognitive activities are an attempt at a rural kindergarten. Not only do not imitate city kindergarten, preschool education Primary School ", not from rural land landscape, two years, a" Chinese rural children enlightenment education "project (referred to as" China ") were tested in the Southern Song Dynasty Shanxi County of Changzhi province and Yongji County Xiang Guan tou Cun Pu Han village, Lankao County in Henan province Hu Zhai Cun three places," gratifying". In other areas of Shanxi, Henan, Shaanxi, Shandong, some of the villagers to learn, I hope this "Pro family, pro nature, local" mode of education into their village. The door in the morning a copy of "rural kindergarten education is not the city, to the" Chinese cabbage "with my dog catching the weasel clip limped. I tried my best, but still can not open, but the ‘cabbage’ and a folder. ‘cabbage’ groans, its teeth several times over my hand, eventually head to the other side! I’m guilty and anxious, ran into the village for help, Cui called uncle next door to our open clip." Li Bing, Huaxia project kindergarten kindergarten teacher, this is a personal experience, "cabbage" is her puppy feeding. That day, when the kindergarten opened the door, the children were surrounded by two fingers cut off the "cabbage" continue to appease. A discussion session began: "why is there to catch the weasel clip?" "The weasel stole corn will be punished?" Chinese cabbage is so painful, why can’t bite master?" "The teacher’s strength is not good, help the child’s mother, and find a big uncle to open the clamp. I use this truth to tell the children, usually to get along well with others, they have difficulties to help others, will get help." Li Bing also took the opportunity to tell someone "Zhu Xi family" in "happy not jealous heart, people can not be born evil happy heart.". This will be the natural countryside, Chinese classics, family friendship education is the integration of Chinese characteristics of the project. These rural children at home next to the kindergarten curriculum, experience rich and colorful: spring semester is farming series, flower and leaf fruit series, mud series, wild herbs series; the fall semester courses include shell series, series, series, corn seed yarn series. Compared with the urban kindergarten, the 3 Rural Kindergartens there is a very big difference: no one is bought toys. Any of various small animals, small sticks of various sizes, seeds of various crops…… The children with dozens of large and small round wood can be stacked high, puzzles, make different animals use a pot of mud can. "Point of departure and school led to the lack of rural education, about 60 million rural left behind children’s physical and mental growth, learning life is facing a loss.相关的主题文章:

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