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Cat’s movie release summer professional reputation list – Sohu entertainment summer has ended, there are 86 movie theaters throughout the summer this year, over the summer is the most. However, with the phenomenon of frequent scene film last year compared to this year’s situation is more prosaic, the box office was "Waterloo", being talked about the film is one of the few. Cat’s movie professional jury followed by summer pace, released in 7 and August were the cinema film scoring, and released the summer movie reputation list. Cat’s eye, the release of the list, there are feelings of film hit "twelve years", is a popular novel IP film, with more specific as a selling point of the film. Among them, won the Oscar for best animated film of the "sea song" with 8.3 points won the "best animation" in Metacritic (overseas media comprehensive score) is up to 85 points; "roadside picnic" by 7.3 points for second place, won the critics and media praise; Hollywood the cartoon "big secret" pet won 6.7 points achieved runner up, adorable pet not only captured the audience, also won the critic’s heart. From the cat released the list, the summer movie showing the overall "large misfiring, good unpopular situation. However, the most fundamental basis for judging professional eye score is still the film quality. The cat’s eye products responsible for Xu Wu had said in the interview, the cat’s eye to the polymerization of these professional critics to jointly build a credible professional film rating system, he believes that these star judges for the sense of mission and sense of honor to maintain objectivity and impartiality of the score and the cat’s eye to establish a professional grading system is consistent with the objectives of the. Since the professional score of cat’s eye line, currently has 66 professional film critics have joined, the jury is divided into "star jury" and "ordinary judges", the star professional judges, must meet in the core position of domestic TOP10 film media served more than 3 years, in the movie media China TOP10 published articles reviews more than 30 articles, or college television TOP10 and related professional schools for more than 5 years, or number of fans more than 500 thousand film and television media. This is the cat’s eye in the greatest degree of assurance of professional score. Cat’s movie CEO Zheng Zhihao said in an interview, consumers and industry needs the professional film rating system, the film’s artistic quality and industry standards to judge. The cat’s eye film professional score always adhere to fair, professional, hope to provide consumers with the media industry, and a valuable reference. Attached: summer movie professional reputation list相关的主题文章:

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