CCTV will be the anniversary of the world premiere of the documentary Mazu Matsu heaven in

CCTV will be the anniversary of the world premiere of the documentary "Matsu" Taiwan network October 8th news according to the southeast network in Matsu Heaven (micro-blog) reported in October 9th is the Matsu heaven memorial day, 8 night, the documentary "the world" in the Mazu CCTV Documentary Channel premiere, which is the world’s first family portrait of mazu. In the filming process, Putian municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, China Mazu Cultural Exchange Association, the board of directors of the Matsu Temple in Meizhou Mazu temple around the world actively contact the assistance and other support. Matsu is the China traditional folk beliefs in the most prestigious Poseidon, in the 23th day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar 960 born in Meizhou Island in Putian City, in the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar 987 in Meizhou Island fishermen emergence of heaven, built the world’s first Mazu Temple for her, this is the Meizhou Matsu temple. Matsu is the most mythical flavor, is also the most human god. She is the oldest Chinese folk idol, with more than 300 million fans in the world, and tens of thousands of temples built for her. "The world of Mazu" is the first to the world famous Mazu temple and followers as the protagonist of the documentary, produced exclusively by Fujian provincial radio and Television Group TV channel, creative lineup, sophisticated production. Filming lasted two years, toured five continents, 18 countries and regions, to explore hundreds of temples, with nearly a thousand people, only the flight mileage reached 200 thousand kilometers, on the basis of selection and concentration for 240 minutes the vicissitudes of life. A total of five sets, each set of 50 minutes, through a vivid story, revealing the relationship between Mazu and nature, and the regional, and time, and the society, to explore how she became the global Chinese circle of influential religion. The first set of [spirit] about the representative points on both sides of the Changjiang River Mazu Ling Temple story. There is the temple, with the spirit of wandering together "running away" to their hometown gods sustenance love, family comfort, is a symbol of ancestors and homeland, because it is implicated, let done by small Mazu belief to change culture. Second set [sea] review of Mazu belief in five continents air plant story. Each of these points are the spirit of Mazu across the seas has a very touching story, the rise and fall of Mazu belief in each region is a local Chinese bilulanlv business history…… The origin of Mazu and marine culture, make it become the most influential worldwide China god. Episode third [] show Mazu incense rich beauty and culture protection and inheritance. The statue of the building, building regulation, ritual process…… Every detail is very careful and pious, these ritualized behavior, is an important link of clan relations around the Mazu, they not only is the continuation of Mazu belief, but also the Chinese civilization. Fourth episode [people] throughout the record a big mother nine days and eight nights around the journey. Behind those luoguxuantian, shocking scenes are full of people, can be seen along the acts of kindness, believers and volunteer identity overlap. As believers said: "Matsu is the positive energy, she guided the people to perform good deeds, every good man is mazu." The popular, precisely because of her influence on the people. The fifth set [] world performance Mazu in cross-strait exchanges, the Chinese culture to the world;相关的主题文章:

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