Changde 1 men murder postmortem deep police back oxygen tank wells Forensics (video) verbal jint

Changde 1 men murder postmortem deep oxygen tank police back down evidence (original title: man kills lover postmortem deep oxygen tank police back down Forensics) 29 year old Changde woman Wu Ping (a pseudonym), fiance Su Guangcai (a pseudonym) in a mobile phone and a lady’s handbag found inside the car, millet Guangcai said these items is to rob. For the 16 years older than their man, Wu Pingyan it, on the way back to the city from the countryside to rental housing, she and Su Guangcai will assist the mobile phone bag and other items discarded. Later, they sold the gold necklace and gold ring. Wu Ping was arrested by the police, did not know the road had discarded handbags and mobile phone is not su Guangcai robbery here, but he is a lover. Because of the fear of exposure, millet Guangcai and lovers quarrel, it will be killing each other, and postmortem deep. Fiance millet Guangcai kill lover after postmortem deep, Wu Ping to the fence, and fled to Shenzhen, the results were both arrested. October 23rd, Xiaoxiang Morning News reporters from Changde Dingcheng police that millet Guangcai has been under criminal detention according to law. But Wu Ping also suspicion of harboring crime jingfangxingju, is currently in the stage of bail. The case is still further processed. In October 1st, Changde District of Dingcheng Xie Jia Pu Zhen Xian Yang Chong Cun 4 groups, one of Mr. millet has been for a long time not back to the old house. During the national day, he deliberately returned to the countryside from the city, ready to clean up the house. Remember the last time he came back, water pump is broken, so the manhole cover open, ready to replace the water pump, the underground accidentally found a corpse. Changde Dingcheng District Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police rushed to the scene investigation. It is understood that the water depth of 20 meters, the body sink in the bottom of the well, the geological environment is complex, carrying oxygen bottles with technical police cable down the way down to the bottom, investigation and evidence on the spot. After a series of investigation, come to the preliminary conclusion that the dead were women, older age, time of death has been more than 15 days, the skull and rib fractures, the cause of death does not exclude the Department of mechanical asphyxia death. The police initially determined that the site is not the first, after committing the crime and the possibility of a larger body. Progress in investigation of missing persons is also more successful, a woman surnamed Zhou (53 years old, Changde Wuling people) of the show. According to their families reflect a week late in September 14th this year, lost contact with their families, the parties failed to find. Police extracted a sample of DNA and rushed to the Changde Municipal Public Security Bureau for identification, and ultimately confirmed that the deceased is zhou. Two people were arrested in Shenzhen after determine the identity of the victim, the police immediately for victims of social background and main relationship investigation, and the victim was killed before the mobile phone calls and trajectory analysis. Combined with the analysis and external investigation, the police found a large amount of data, the victim in the former killed once and Su Guangcai together, millet is a major crime suspects. But this time, millet mobile phone Guangcai has been shut down, the police immediately disappear without a trace, its online pursuit. In October 1st, millet Guangcai found investigation of the public security organs of the video in the circle of friends, decided fled to the field, Wu Ping also borrow thousands of yuan, who fled to Shenzhen. In October 4th, millet Guangcai surface相关的主题文章:

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