Chengdu the next 10 days without rain disturb the maximum temperature will rise to 20 degrees C (vid xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Chengdu next 10 days without rain to disturb the highest temperature will rise to 20 DEG C Shanghai Chengdu line from the first round of the winter ice freezing invasion. According to the Chengdu Railway Bureau (micro-blog), congratulations on your safety in the second half of this year from the first test of the weather. The next 10 days, Chengdu people can relax a little, cold air, rain will go out for a long time, the sun will not return, the temperature will also pick up, the maximum temperature will gradually rise to 20 degrees C. The lost autumn is coming back. The current round of cooling has ended the basin down 6~7 degrees C for Chengdu people, in recent days is not good. Get up to go out to rely on rely on perseverance, endurance, but also rely on the bath concentration. All this behind the scenes, it is cold air, a strong strong cold air. In November 5th, the Sichuan Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued this year since the autumn the first cold blue warning, from the evening of 6 to 8, most of the basin places to usher in substantial cooling. Cool that come, 6 evening, the rain comes Chengdu, 7 early in the morning, there is a long time in the air fresh, of course, there is a people tremble chill. As of November 9th, the average daily temperature of the basin cities decreased by 6~7 degrees C, the eastern and southern basin cooling more obvious. The day before the advent of cold air, Chengdu, the lowest temperature is still 14 degrees, while on the 9 day, the maximum temperature is only 13 degrees, the lowest temperature is down to a temperature of 9. Yiyanbuge is cool, we only wear long johns without demur. In the cold wind and rain, Long Johns, down jacket has early debut. However, when we are ready to upgrade warm equipment, sent warm baby, hot water bags, cold air and naughty. He turned around and left without a head. In November 9th, the Sichuan provincial meteorological station released a cold blue warning, also means that the strong cooling process over. This morning fog low temperatures over the next 10 days a few days ago to 20 degrees in the cold wind, will replace the firm over the long johns buddies, you have won the first battle of the second half of this year. Next, the cold air will be "honest" for some time. 7 days, the temperature of the second half of this year, Chengdu hit a new low in the second half, starting today, the temperature has finally started to go uphill. November 9th afternoon, the clouds behind the sun to want to come out, finally some lack of confidence. Today, the sky cleared, the sun finally to break the siege and meet you. However, before the sun, there is fog to plug. This morning to the morning, there are some parts of the basin fog, out of the public to pay attention to prevent the adverse effects of fog. It is worth noting that the temperature may be a bit slow. Sichuan provincial meteorological station chief forecaster Lv Xuedong, in sunny and radiation cooling effect, this morning the temperature will decline, please pay attention to keep warm. The next 10 days, Chengdu will usher in a pleasant time. There is no rain weather to disturb, confront and white, the temperature gradually rose, around November 18th, the highest temperature will rise to 20 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature will also return to the two digits. However, the next 3 days, although the highest temperature in Chengdu has picked up, but the temperature difference is still large, clothes do not cut too fast. It’s best to wear a coat on your body相关的主题文章:

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