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China Liaoning fishing boat off the coast of Qingdao in the 6 crew members were rescued the original title: China Liaoning fishing boat off the coast of Qingdao in the 6 crew members were rescued in Qingdao on 19 February, (Hu Yaojie) 19 reporters from the Shandong maritime bureau, February 17th at 8 pm, Liaoning fishing boat "Liaoning fishing camp 35043" wheel in Qingdao maritime distress, 6 crew members on the verge of death or destruction, by the Qingdao maritime rescue coordination center sent "Beihai save 116" wheel emergency rescue, eventually rescued the crew. The evening of February 17th at 8:10, Qingdao maritime search and rescue center 12395 received a public warning, "Liao Ying fishing fishing 35043 round at a distance of eight nautical miles southeast of Daxia 5 hull Water Leakage, Captain 20 meters, wood, 6 people are in urgent need of rescue ship on the sea, southeast wind 5 to 6 levels, waves of 1 meters. After receiving the alarm, Qingdao maritime search and rescue center immediately to guide the ship emergency drainage, and suggestions to the recent Qingdao Qianhai dock, professional rescue ships are coordinating eight gorge near the sea on Beihai save 116 "wheel emergency flight, and notify the parked nearby" JINHUA "round of emergency prepared by air. Night at 8:30, "Beihai save 116" wheel in under the command of captain Wei Dainian, and at the same time of emergency, "Liao Ying Yu 35043" wheel contact, ask the ship in distress situation, that fishing boat cabin water volume, "Beihai save 116" wheel assist emergency drainage, otherwise it will abandon the transfer of personnel. Night at 9:50, after nearly two hours of intense relief, "Beihai save 116" wheel to complete drainage and towing boats, fishing vessel safety return to the Kaohsiung pier. 6 fishermen on the ship were in stable mood and no one was injured. Rescue operations were completed. According to the introduction of "Liao camp fishing 35043 fishing boats rescued the ship, the ship ran aground in the hull crack water, thanks to the relevant departments timely rescue, otherwise it will lead to a sinking ship casualties tragedy. (Editor) editor in chief: Ni Zijian

中国辽宁籍渔船青岛海域遇险 6名船员全部获救   原标题:中国辽宁籍渔船青岛海域遇险 6名船员全部获救   中新社青岛2月19日电 (胡耀杰)记者19日从山东海事局获悉,2月17日晚8时左右,辽宁籍渔船“辽营渔35043”轮在青岛海域遇险,6名船员危在旦夕,经青岛市海上搜救中心协调派出“北海救116”轮紧急救援,最终船员成功获救。   2月17日晚8时10分,青岛市海上搜救中心12395接到市民报警称,渔船“辽营渔35043”轮在距八大峡东南方向5海里处船体漏水,船长20余米,木质,船上有6人急需救援,海上东南风5至6级,浪高1米。   接到报警后,青岛市海上搜救中心立即指导该船紧急排水,并建议驶往最近的青岛前海码头,协调正在八大峡附近海域值守的专业救助船“北海救116”轮紧急备航,同时通知附近停泊的“JINHUA”等轮备航应急。   晚8时30分,“北海救116”轮在船长魏岱年的指挥下,紧急出发,同时与“辽营渔35043”轮取得联系,询问其船舶遇险情况,得知渔船船舱进水量大,需要“北海救116”轮协助其紧急排水,否则将弃船转移人员。   晚9时50分,经过近两个小时的紧张救援,“北海救116”轮成功协助渔船完成排水工作,并拖带渔船安全返航至小港码头。船上6名遇险渔民情绪稳定,无人受伤,救援行动完成。   据获救渔船“辽营渔35043”轮船员介绍,该船因触礁导致船体裂缝进水,幸亏得到相关部门的及时救助,否则将导致船沉人亡的悲剧。(完) 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章:

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