Chongqing woman even playing mahjong and numbness 7 days even the bed can not get up aquaria

Chongqing women even playing mahjong and numbness of the hands of 7 days even the bed can not afford to play mahjong numb hands and feet, low back pain is still reluctant to lower the table, this spirit is really do not know what to say. 62 year old aunt Zhou retired after learning mahjong, suddenly found a new world. Recently, she even played 7 days in the mahjong table, is playing out. Did not think of "queer", she found herself numbness, pain unceasingly, couldn’t even sit up. Lumbar disc herniation, that she hardly wished to live. even 7 days back to the mahjong one night a week, aunt to experience the real meaning of the word "hardly wished to live.". She was lying in bed, a little, the waist is a terrible pain. That night, Zhou aunt also luck, would like to lay a night, the morning up. Who knows, the pain of a night, Zhou aunt’s waist is not only not good, but even the bed can not get up, Zhou aunt this thing is big. The second day early in the morning, aunt Zhou accompanied by his family went to the hospital for examination. Her waist 4- waist 5, lumbar 5- sacral intervertebral disc is serious, prominent nucleus pulposus oppression of nerve, so lead to her low back pain, numbness of hands and feet, 1." Take zhouayi inspection report, the hospital department of orthopedics doctor Mao told Zhou aunt, there is a call between the lumbar intervertebral disc of the "spring", the texture is soft, is a fiber ring wrapped, can make the curvature of the spine. If a long time is not the correct posture, such as sedentary, often keep the spine compression or tension, "spring" of the fiber ring may rupture, annulus in nucleus will encounter bulge, nerve, cause lumbar hip and lower limb pain, numbness, or will cause the size of obstacles, this is the lumbar intervertebral disc herniation. Sedentary playing mahjong, prone to cause cervical vertebral diseases "Zhou aunt every time you play mahjong to sit?" Reporter asked. "In the afternoon to play a few hours in the evening to eat a meal to play a while, usually hit 12 points over." Zhou aunt said, although sit long often feel backache, but hobby playing cards, a fight would forget the time. "In the process of playing mahjong, we have a long time to maintain a posture, waist muscles tense, leaning forward to touch the card, it will increase the burden of intervertebral disc, resulting in lumbar disc herniation. Not only that, sedentary mahjong also easily lead to cervical spondylosis and periarthritis of shoulder." "20 years ago, most of the patients suffering from lumbar disc herniation were carriers or farmers, and their work was mainly based on the waist strength, which was prone to injury," said dr.. Nowadays, lumbar intervertebral disc herniation in patients with more sedentary group, a sedentary computer before the white-collar, sedentary playing mahjong, watching tv……" 0.7 mm micro needle into the melt troubles to cure zhouayi disease, the key is to relieve spinal cord nerve compression check. Traditional open surgery need surgery, trauma, bleeding, surgery recovery period. In view of Zhou aunt’s age is too large and the body is weak, is not suitable for open surgery, the doctor for the week aunt is using radiofrequency thermocoagulation target ablation. "This is a minimally invasive surgery, with only a thin thread of hair, in the precise positioning of the C arm machine, puncture to the lesion site, the use of radio frequency hyperthermia.相关的主题文章:

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