Colleges and universities in Anhui province will build campus loan early warning mechanism – Anhui C jiqingwuyuetian

Anhui province’s colleges and universities will build "campus loan" warning mechanism in Anhui channel — according to the Anhui Daily reported in the "bare loan", Hefei, Suzhou two college girls are private photos online exposure, Chaohu sophomore boys campus borrow usury, borrowing 2000 yuan two months rolled into 190 thousand yuan. Recently, the province of the media on the variety of campus loans, naked credit and other loan traps were reported, caused widespread debate in the community. Yesterday, reporter learned from the Anhui Provincial Education Department, the Department to strengthen the risk consciousness away from bad credit "as the theme, with" six "activities as the carrier, to carry out the" campus net loan risk prevention education campaign in the province’s colleges and universities, to further strengthen the education of students, enhance students’ awareness of risk prevention and self protection ability. A special class a Zhutibanhui according to reports, the "campus net loan risk prevention education campaign, is a special education class first activity. The prevention of bad campus net loan into the ideological and political education work, especially in the situation and policy education. Requirements through lectures, seminars, forums and other forms, for all students to organize a campus net loan risk prevention special education courses. Informed of the typical case, the popularity of financial credit and network security knowledge, help students understand the basic knowledge of policies and laws and regulations and standardize the network lending bad net loan risk and prevent the harm of online fraud, improve students’ ability to identify and risk awareness. In addition, all colleges and universities each class will organize a class meeting. Around the typical case, to carry out debate and discussion, to guide students to form a rational consumption habits, and enhance awareness of the prevention of bad net loan risk, find and share risk prevention methods. The third activity is to focus on a campus cultural activities. The concept of consumption education into the rich and colorful campus culture and various theme education, make full use of electronic screen, campus radio, campus network, newspaper magazine, the two micro end of the carrier, to carry out a round of publicity activities, vigorously create advocating conservation, resist the excessive consumption, away from bad cultural environment of the campus net loan. Found bad campus net loan to timely warning, according to understand, the special education and publicity activities, but also to carry out a public consultation activities. Give full play to the role of student associations, organizations and student volunteer experts, to carry out a boycott of the campus net loan, to prevent bad network security risk consulting, signature in school activities, and guide students to establish a civilized, rational and scientific concept of consumption. Fifth specific activities organized by the Provincial Department of education is to carry out a social survey practice. Combined with the requirements of the study, the organization of students around the non-performing campus net loan problem, to carry out a social survey, to guide students to understand the status quo of the campus network and the harm of bad loans, the study of preventive measures. It is reported that the Provincial Department of education requires the province’s colleges and universities to carry out regular investigation and early warning activities. Through the network questionnaire and other channels, to understand the students to participate in the regular net loan situation and consumption trends, timely detection of bad net loan trends and tendencies, common problems, timely judgments to assess the potential risks of adverse campus net loan, in a timely manner to the students)相关的主题文章:

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