Comprehensive renovation of Street District of Chengdu city center 3 streets will be completed in 60 ca4111

Comprehensive renovation of street area streets of Chengdu city center will be completed in 60 to 3 years the newspaper news (reporter Yuan Hong) reporter learned from the Municipal Construction Committee before, in accordance with the "concept of small blocks of regulation" planning and construction, the city will be in the center of the city to focus on the implementation of a comprehensive remediation of small streets 100 old street area, this year to complete a comprehensive renovation in early 2019 the street street 60 city center district. According to the official responsible for the city construction commission, hope that through the streets of downtown street district comprehensive rectification work, realize the increase of the density and the city road network to strengthen city public service, enhance city compound function and promote city environment quality, the final completion of the modern pleasant neighborhoods, realize the city organic renewal. According to the plan, 3 years to complete the comprehensive renovation of street street 60 city center district. The 6 "small block regulation" demonstration area planning and construction of the first year, the construction schedule in accordance with the programme of work previously formulated; from 2017 to 2019, the annual completion of the implementation of 18 streets comprehensive renovation. In accordance with the work requirements, comprehensive renovation of street area streets in center city, the different circumstances, both the construction of the outer wall of the exterior, paint or cleaning; unified treatment on the balcony, window cover, water pipe, air conditioner outdoor unit location, specification of outdoor doors and windows, first floor window fence style and material etc.. Good environment is a more important factor for small blocks. In order to highlight the effectiveness of building renovation, municipal construction committee requires the implementation of the road to the block or node greening transformation, to achieve transparent, atmospheric and aesthetic effects. Streets in accordance with the unified coordination principle of setting up street furniture, enhance the human experience and street space quality. Street wall should be hedgerow or vertical greening and other means of isolation, reach the vacant green effect. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for further reading and get rid of residential street limits Chengdu’s first demonstration phase on small blocks相关的主题文章:

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