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To create the most style charm of the center of the city – Inner Mongolia Channel – Yang Guohong this year the Fourth Party Congress report first put forward the "center city priority development strategy", and the Hulun Buir city center as the core plate of Hailar District, city construction and city management in recent years have attracted much attention. In the "13th Five-Year" period, Hailar how to accelerate the development of stronger industry, do beauty, do city people’s livelihood, excellent ecological fine culture, to create the most beautiful style city center, Hailar District Committee, on behalf of the mayor Yang Guohong gives the answer. Yang Guohong said, in the Congress will be in accordance with the requirements, around the "city beautiful" and "people do" the overall goal, we focus on the implementation of five major projects, and strive to achieve "a kind of a year, every three years". By the end of 2017, we plan to complete the transformation of shanty towns in Hailar district more than 40 thousand. Gradually solve the problem of water supply, heating, upgrading the old city road transformation, the transformation of the old district infrastructure, urban public toilets and other projects, to further improve the urban functional construction. The appearance of the city to carry out remediation projects, will focus on the living environment of the hundred days crucial action to implement the order of engineering, planning and design of urban road traffic, parking, bus bays, traffic congestion, parking chaos; implementation of decontamination, to take the government to purchase services, overall bidding for cleaning the city, let the city health do not stay dead, completely solve the cluttered problem; and efforts to dismantle illegal construction, demolition of the existing public area of illegal construction, but also the people of a clean and comfortable living space. Yang Guohong said, we will further improve the landscape engineering and Dongshan group improve basic facilities construction projects, and strive to use the shortest time to the city of Hailar city center has been turn the world upside down changes, and effectively improve the level of people’s homes. (Kang Jian) (source: Hulun Buir daily Ceng Xiaoqiang, commissioning editor: Liu Ze)相关的主题文章:

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