Danzhou grooms to mediate was stabbed to death 4 people suspected of intentional injury crime jingfa haole010.com

Danzhou grooms to mediate was stabbed to death 4 people suspected of intentional injury crime jingfangxingju October 20, 2016 at 2 pm, at the intersection of Danzhou City sidewalk outside the town of ZTE Avenue BOSS bar, the case of intentional injury death, the victim Huang Mouming being stabbed with a knife after she died. After receiving the report, Danzhou City Public Security Bureau immediately launched the murder detection mechanism, the investigation of the case. October 28th, Danzhou police informed the media related cases. According to the Danzhou police informed the media, October 20, 2016 at 0 o’clock in the morning, the suspect Huang Mouqing (already detention) during the work in Danzhou City, the town Zhongxing Road in the village of BOSS bar to see Luo Yao also drink consumption in the bar, because two people have debt disputes, they approached Luo Mouyao questioned why not repay, Luo Yao said to have arrears Huang Mouqing’s wife, but Huang Mouqing said that so far has not received any of its money, the two sides quarrel and conflict, during Mouqing Luo Yao Huang began kicking, BOSS bar is the presence of security personnel advised resistance, both dispersed. At 2 pm, the suspect Wu Mouhua (bar field management, were met with Huang Mouqing and Huang Mouming, Guo Mouzhi, et al. The victim) gathered at the BOSS bar near the canteen before Huang Mouqing and Luo Mouyao because of debt disputes with Luo Yao fights a party Huang Xuming (deceased) and Fu Mouyu theory. After Wu Mouhua and other theories in the process, Huang Mouming (deceased) beat Wu Mouhua slap, Wu Mouhua angry turned to suspect Guo Mouzhi, Wang Moushan (at large), waved and shouted. Guo Mouzhi, hearing knife rushed up to hit the victim Huang Mouming, Fu Mouyu, et al. After the loss of the victim Huang Mouming fled to the west side of the street to escape the main street, the suspect rushed to the victim with a knife stabbed to the side of the body of the Yellow Emperor, who stabbed two knives, then fled the scene on the body of the body of the victim, Guo Mouzhi Huang Mouming. Huang Ming died. As of now, the Danzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau has been in accordance with the law on suspicion of intentional injury crime suspect Guo Mouzhi, Wu Mouhua, Huang Mouqing and Yan Moudan suspected of harboring crime suspects, three men and a woman of criminal detention, the case is still under investigation.相关的主题文章:

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