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How to choose the different groups for their own house buyers to buy a house is a university asked, buyers should keep rational, whether occupied or investment, not because the property market hot and not disrupt their thinking. Single small apartment rental home — farewell era in the state-owned enterprises in the work of Zhang is single, just days before the fancy Shunyi size of a small apartment. "5 years after graduation, has been renting a house, I’m going to buy a home of their own." Zhang would like to buy this apartment is not far away from the unit, but also directly to the subway to get home, even after the marriage, you can quickly rent out or sell. For this type of population, there are the following recommendations: 1 single white-collar workers, there is no decoration experience, there is no time, it is recommended to select small Huxing refined decoration. 2 single to buy a big house, can only increase the sense of loneliness, buy a small apartment, home or office is a good choice. 3 of the majority of real estate projects are small Huxing listings are limited, so once the idea may wish to choose the right home buyers. 4 before buying must study well around the actual facilities, to see if the day after the transfer to. 5 if a car buyers must consider the problem of parking, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble after the day. Just need to buy a home – require marriage before marriage worry free, I intend to get married next year, and now to choose the marriage room, ahead of schedule." Lee’s work units in Wangjing, so in Shunyi to buy a house more convenient work and life. Mr. Li wants to buy a free apartment purchase of 50 square meters for newly married couple living, because it is not a Beijing hukou, Shoufu 50%, if the total limit of 2 million yuan to count, plus many developers preferential or relatively large, Shoufu can buy about 900 thousand. In recent years, small Sanju is just the marriage room has been the focus of attention, because of less money and practical, which can meet the demands of the marriage room, for future children, and even the elderly living room is good enough. So, Mr. Lee can be aimed at brand enterprises of small Sanju products, and pay more attention to the function of the apartment layout design. To improve the type of home — for the beloved home for a big house to have many small old family, in the face of increasingly cramped small Liangju, the initiation of the type of home improvement. With her 6 year old daughter to the election of Mr. Liu said the couple, the children soon to go to primary school, want to find a bigger and a little house near the school, after the elderly to live together. Insiders suggested that to improve the type of home buyers target in at least 100 square meters apartment layout, and have the children’s room, room, restaurant, living room, kitchen and toilet space, convenient family living, but also consider the need to focus on elderly medical school children and the principle of proximity, living facilities are mature, greening and leisure facilities is complete, the best is the separation of people and vehicles, is conducive to the protection of the elderly and children’s safety group. Huxing diversity, to mature package, but also the appreciation potential and high cost…… Are you a little confused? (China smart city (real estate information) project renderings) located in the North five central villa district country wisdom City, LOFT apartment layout pattern, flexible space, "to buy square Cube", greatly reduce the investor’s financial pressure, 2相关的主题文章:

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