Double peak Xiao Hanzu group won first love CP fans mad pursuit (video) e2140

"Double peak" Xiao Hanzu group CP won the first "double" fans mad pursuit trailer exposure: Zu Feng Wang Ziwen jijue couples show love spy life entertainment Tencent joint starring Zu Feng, Xiao Han, Wang Ziwen and other TV series "double", will be landing in Jiangsu TV broadcast tonight. Xiao Han has a double identity in the play with Hong Ling, this is her first spy game, and with partner Zu Feng became the first love, let us look at the. Cloud sister Xiao Han drama premiere articles regression War spy drama and the progenitor Fengcheng love sister Xiao Han cloud partner Zu Fengcheng return first love, who plays with the dual identity of Hong Ling, is on the surface of a female doctor, is actually underground. Hong Ling in the hospital and the first love of Peng Gang (decorated with) to meet again, two people were put aside for 13 years, the complex twists and turns of the feelings of the beginning of this once again started to spread out on the other side of the world, the first time in the hospital, the first time, the first time, the first love of the hospital, and the. TV drama "double" is not only about a thrilling winding, P story, characters of the heart of a more detailed description, focusing on inner character portrayal, touching in detail, described in the specific context of complex emotions. Xiao Han in 2009, together with the meteor shower in the corner of the clouds Murong suffered the majority of the audience favorite, she sometimes gentle, sometimes overbearing, but also by the majority of friends affectionately referred to as "national sister". The sister Xiao Han clouds bring new "double" regression, and partner Zu Feng CP first triggered widespread expectation. Because of the "meteor shower" in the clouds had a sister and then love, and Zu Feng became the first love, friends frequently shouted: "love clouds sister, I hope she can harvest a sweet love!". The film festival won the fans: we’ve been waiting for you! Recently, Xiao Han with a fine hair, dressed in a black dress at the film festival red carpet, full of fairies, with "fairy aura" refined and elegant, spotlessly clean temperament let all marvel. Users are more shouting: Welcome sister cloud back, we have been waiting for you!" The Spy Drama "double" tonight (September 29th) after the war drama "hero" of the anger in Jiangsu satellite TV broadcasting, review Xiao Han brought us the classic works, she is really a face value and acting and furniture, always give the audience a surprise faction actress. The condition of impeccable with her own great plasticity challenge a new role, let us look forward to.相关的主题文章:

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