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Extraordinary pilgrimage, the only thing to raise the public to bring you the secret Tibetan culture – the pace of the summer tour of Sohu quietly leave, autumn slowly usher in her season. Tibet also ushered in her most beautiful season. In September 23rd this autumn season, colorful, the only product congregation sent you invitation, through a unique perspective to invite you together to complete an unusual Tibetan pilgrimage. Tibet tourism continues to heat up in recent years, a large number of tourist routes, this is the only product to raise the public to raise the Tibetan cultural experience trip has its own unique charm. Tibetan devotion is the most directly reflected in the mountains and around the lake, these ritual activities become their life to experience things. The journey is also essential to arrange a pilgrimage to the sacred lake. Yambdrok in Tibetan heart position significantly not to be missed. In addition, the trip also arranged her "sister" — puhm Yong measures pilgrimage. In contrast, puhm Yong measures has not yet developed, few visitors, an exclusive dialogue with you and the holy lake will no longer exist only in the picture. Travel in another treasure is the Sakya, eight generation Dishi Si BA was born. We will come to the Sakya Monastery, and that by generations of monks hold a pen dipped in gold juice, with Sanskrit or Tibetan religious translation, copying, worship and eventually formed, with a grid of books piled up the book wall close contact. Walking, touching, smelling of course. We will come to the village of a swallow, experience the authentic Tibetan incense production process. To swallow the village people, not only is a kind of living means making incense manual, is also a kind of joy and sense of the sacred spirit of enjoyment. People say incense are washed away in the process of making inner thoughts, to spiritual sublimation. A Handmade Tibetan incense, to feel the simplicity of the Tibetan culture. It is worth mentioning that the design, this trip is not the mastermind of the local Tibetans, but from a big city a white-collar. Seven years ago, when she first came to Tibet, she fell in love with the earth. Later, she quit her job, settled in Tibet, traveled to the Tibet District, in order to bring the most beautiful and most ecological Tibet to bring more people. In the circle of their dreams at the same time, she has helped tens of thousands of people to achieve the hearts of the Tibet dream. To dream time. The only product to raise the public together to complete a wonderful Tibetan pilgrimage trip! All chips (crowdfunding), is to gather all the strength and funds to achieve an interesting, fun project. The only product of all the chips is vip.com’s effort to raise public platform construction. In the only product to raise the public, you can find some fun, fresh, creative, there are forced grid of things. If you want to be the first person to eat crab, or by supporting the project to witness the possibility of innovation and participation, the only product will continue to raise your surprise". How to find us? If your computer is party, please enter the vip.com official website, click on the "only financial channel, find the head of the figure of the" only product congregation will find us; if you are a mobile phone party, please select "only finance" in the vip.com APP in the menu bar, then click "crowdfunding" button can we share gives you little surprise oh!相关的主题文章:

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