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[football] Cube victory in 16182 recommendation: Manchester United draw event today home court review of       is the football cube; Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, French composition winning color. The following is the 14 analysis of this issue for your reference. 1 Arsenal VS Bournemouth: 3 Euro 1.40 5 9 1 Arsenal overall advantages, steady state, and strive to team 3 points. 2 sub plate by injection back to a ball and a half of water, in the context of double battle against the Gunners support. 1.96 ball ball half 1.98 2: 3, 1 VS West Ham United Europe 1.34 4.25 6.75 1 West Ham score ability, state of remarkable, good at team upset. The 2 part of the old companies in Europe after the potential to fall flat compensate, and the average level of compensation is significantly lower than the average. 2.07 ball ball half 1.83 Southampton   3; VS 1, 0: Everton Euro 2.20 3.40 3.60 1 against Everton not strive, Southampton state of decline in Europe is not a small impact. 2 Asian disk after the injection of the disk stability, and many European companies after the potential flat compensate vary significantly. 1.84 2.02 4 draw hemisphere Schalke 04 VS Darmstadt: 3 Euro 1.33 5 10 1 state Schalke 04 red, very strong recent home court; Darmstadt losing streak. The 2 disc open the Lord let a ball ball half water starting grids, the note after the plate water level decline. 1.88 ball ball half 2.02 Berlin 5 Herta VS Mainz: 3, 2 3.50 3.80 1 1 euro Berlin Herta in battle but dominant, Mainz war out to deal with the league. 2 and many of the European mainstream company after the fall Pingfu lose, there are some discrepancies and refers to the trend. The 1.99 Asian hemisphere 1.86 6 Bologna VS Atlanta: 1 3 3.20 2.50 1 0 euro, Bologna’s top players back, the last round of the end of the decline; Atlanta hot state. The 2 Pan Asia chupan guest Let deuce low water, the outlook is more is to guest Let half high water. 1.80 by 7 Cagliari tie hemisphere 2.05 VS Udine J: 1, 2.38 3.40 3 1 0 euro Cagliari offensive defense bold, pulpy; Udine J Huanshuai effect, significant improvement. The 2 disc out of chupan Lord let flat half, but the potential part of the company will be adjusted to handicap the tie plate. 2.08 1.86 8 VS a hemisphere Sampdoria Crotone: 1, 0 Euro 3.30 3.40 2.20 1 Crotone limited strength, the fans enjoy the atmosphere of Serie A; Sampdoria clash. The 2 Pan Asia chupan is generally given to the guest Let half a high water, having upper level fell slightly. 1.89 tying hemisphere 1;相关的主题文章:

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