[football cube]07 road have not won on the report of Ajaccio lightscape

[football cube]07 report: Ajaccio road have not won on the [APP] B football cube recommended   002 2016-11-08 03:30:00 VS lens; Monday Ajaccio football cube APP: probability of the game winning lens is 54%, the probability of tied for 30%, the probability of winning 16% in Ajaccio. More accurate information on log football cube APP. SMG 1.65 2.94 5.50         SMG disc 2.02 hemisphere a ball 1.90         day 1.80 3.25   5.25   1   veteran team B longs last season ranked sixth, this season 5 wins 6 flat 2 negative 21 points. Ranked sixth. 2 – nearly 7 times in all competitions home court against Ajaccio made 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses, winning 57.1%. 3 Ajaccio this season 6 games made 2 flat 4 negative, abortion rate was 66.7%. The strength of War 1 B teams Ajaccio League this season 4 wins 3 flat 6 negative 15 points, ranking fourteenth. The 2 lens of the season 2 wins 3 home court B flat 1 negative, winning only 33.3%. The 3 lens coach Casanova 7 times in the face of Ajaccio led 3 wins 2 flat 2 negative, winning only 42.9%. The last round of League 2:1. Rance defeated the top ranked Brest in 5 games to win 3 games. 2 Ajaccio last 2 games lost 5 balls and suffered two defeats, the team dropped. The state of injury 1 serie a home court was rance Lance 1:1 in the upper reaches of the team with home court, by the end of 2 in a row. The 2 lens rightback Kenny Lara? This game ban for the team after the defense is not a small loss.     1 of the game SMG plate chupan home team to let the hemisphere low water, the note after the part of the body rise plate to the home team to let the hemisphere a ball high water on the lens to increase support. 1 lottery data of the game the referee is a 45 year old Frenchman Fredy Fautrel, the Ajaccio law enforcement B 4 games, Ajaccio 3 wins 1 flat unbeaten. A veteran team rushed to the Ligue rance ranked second in the league in the 1314 season, but in the French first season once again relegated back to B, B last season ranked sixth, quite satisfactory performance, this season is currently ranked as the last season, but only 4 points behind the upgrade area, long season lens will make efforts to return to france. In contrast to Ajaccio’s encounter with the lens, they rushed to France in the 1011 season, the two season before the French will avoid relegation, the third season will be played back to the bottom of the rankings, but returned to Ajaccio, the second of the two season but unable to get up after a fall, ranked fourth, almost falling into C, the team suffered a sigh. Ajaccio this season;相关的主题文章:

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