Forecast Shuangseqiu 16128th period every code – Sohu is expected to rebound boee

Forecast Shuangseqiu 16128th period: every code is expected to rebound – Sohu loans 2016127 lottery results 071217262931 + 16, and the odd numerical advantage falls, red average rose 20 points, every code to bye. 2016 128th Shuangseqiu experts predict accurate number: 1 and 127 in 5 and the remainder of each interval ball 0-2-3-0-1 pieces, more than 0, more than 3 of its time interval. 2016128 except 5 remainder five interval analysis: in addition to more than 5 0 number in 126-127 continuous cold, from the observation period missing each numerical in this area, the missing 10 more than cold code number 0 at the moment, the next phase of the missing values in the value of 3 within is expected to cover 127 in 5; more than 1 interval number out of 2631, the last ten periods in this area was not positive, the next should pay attention to rebound more than 1 medium and small numerical interval; 127 more than 2 interval out of 071217, tail code 27 numerical, recently five period the advantage of the number, code 27 has extended heat next tail probability; the last five during the period of more than 3 number interval performance of cold, out of a total of two Gold Award (0818), combined with the multiple phase data, 16128 period award number substantially covering the probability of success; 127 in addition to more than 5 4 to 29 numerical interval only appeared, a review of recent data showing the trend, tail code 4 cold. The most The new 128 phase should consider the tail code with the same 49. 2, and the value analysis: 2016127 period and interval rose sharply, the specific value out of 122 points, the number and value of up to 38 points, 2016128 Lord and the value of volatility. 3, in the last two points: the number of vibration isolation codes for continuous fall, complex code out of a total of 3 pieces, according to a recent complex, code chuhao rule, 2016128 separate code will have the opportunity to rebound. Recommendation: 17 (basketball and blue: Blue 22 combination makes sum equal to 17. Example: 1+16=17. This method can take the 16 ball is divided into 8 intervals) 2016127 basketball out of 16, five and the range of recent sharp shock, concentrated in the first and third sections and seventh falling number, most cold was second, fifth, sixth interval, the combination of basketball rules recently, 16128 should continue to shock interval prevention appropriate, consider cold interval. 3: 09,12,15 lore blue, red three code: 17,28,29 10+3: 04,06,09,11,17,20,27,28,29,32 + 07,10,11 shrink scheme相关的主题文章:

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