Funny than joy to meet! Liu Ye diamond cuts diamond tricky to tencent upd

Funny than joy to meet! Liu Ye s tricky diamond cuts diamond Sina entertainment news recently, actor Liu Ye [micro-blog] guest "sister hungry", in the field and small s [micro-blog] about playing poor, jokes constantly. When the famous style has always been a nonsensical spoof of Liu Ye s, met at, the collision of a lot of spark. Liu Ye is more funny than the nature of play in the program, bold two tricky s, two people just meet diamond cuts diamond sparks, netizens have said: "both funny than xixiangfeng, too happy." The two time Liu Ye s funny than there is always tricky skills that men everywhere to resist the small, but met funny than Liu Ye can be roughly the same. Two people just met Liu Ye on behalf of male gods to small "revenge" tricky was lying on the ground can only bite the roar of Liu Ye s, Liu Ye is full of magic while recording DV laughing. In the show, Liu Ye is God in the old, seemingly calm face, s looks good bully, "counsels people fell not encountered fire, wanted to humiliate her. Not only that, Liu Ye also show flicker skills, from time to time with the French "provocation", let not understand French s helpless. After the program recording, do not follow the routine play Liu Ye again zoom trick in a number of small lounge arrangements for staff to open the door, turn out. A small face stunned, Liu Ye laugh last, laugh: "fan out of the mix always has, President of capital wit." Yiyanbuge dance, Liu Ye is also buried in the dance king Liu Ye tricky, who is also handy to coax. In the reduction of movie clips, see s going to explode, Liu Ye not only immediately say, for a laugh is a word not just dance. Always love song called "film song" Liu Ye, but also did not expect a "dancing king". Two dance hand in hand, but also laugh cry friends. Just like Liu Ye, when asked to shoot the kiss, Liu Ye live with little explanation, and demonstrates how to interpret French kissing. If the fear of change – eye, eyes can see behind each other "," be sure to identify the location of the camera, and then borrow." After the explanation, little Liu Ye asked the couple get along, Liu Ye will admit married 7 years two people will kiss every day. So sweet, is the envy of others.相关的主题文章:

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