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"-" Gong Beibi William Feng "ending do mother love" – Sohu entertainment "-" "ice" Gong Beibi die guard William Feng Sohu entertainment news by William Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tianyu, Gong Beibi, Bing Shao, Cheng Peipei et al. Starring costume fantasy drama "-" yesterday to wrap up, Gong Beibi as the "ice" William Feng plays the son of "Castle", put up a good fight with the enemy, and finally by Kuan Yan as the "Yuan Festival" killed, died in the castle. Leave the ice, so many viewers are unable to part, abuse of the heart at the same time, Gong Beibi was also impressed by the excellent acting. The Gong Beibi family deduction ice instrument stepmother show the king love drama "-" since July 24th in Hunan TV broadcast, with its strong cast and the ups and downs of the wonderful story of concern. Gong Beibi as the "ice" is a country a family happy, because the initial battle addict lost many children, the only surviving son of the castle, she loved them, carefully guard, to protect the castle and the last son of ice race, decided to sacrifice himself to save all the love, highlighting the the queen of true love in heart. Gong Beibi in the play has been to show people the image of a dignified and elegant, gentle and considerate, filling a large woman charm, and colorful costumes reflect "ice king" Gong Beibi noble temperament, netizens have also praised: "beautiful, she is none other than non family goddess of ice!" "Gong Beibi is pretty good, the temperament of William Feng Gong Beibi Bang Bang Da" well behind the verbose CP drama "ice" Gong Beibi not only help son "Castle" William Feng to the throne, the feelings are more concerned, strong support of Picasso and pear drop this pair of lovers, play intimate and kind-hearted mother-in-law mother role, to win many in the audience and support. In the interview, Gong Beibi said: "after the ice" this role is the hope that their son can happiness, in their mate, if their children will support his own choice of the beloved people." It is reported that shaped the perfect "ice" image of Gong Beibi in recent years is about to show that she and the popular idol Luhan and yellow partner Zi Tao play "optional day in mind" and the "Westward Journey" will be held next year to meet with the audience, please look forward to!相关的主题文章:

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