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"Guo Degang’s" parting feeling this trip is very satisfied with the status quo surprise – Sohu’s   entertainment; photo Guo Degang funny expression adorable   Guo Degang and Lu Yi Sohu entertainment news in reality show, with Guo Degang domineering sharp piece was "boring", "confession is an introvert? Guo Degang parting feeling hot broadcast last night, "in the mood" in the men’s team, has finished the recording of Guo Degang, before he left for the men in the brothers prepared a parting: "I said on my table is crazy, Taiwan is crazy, I this person is crazy, but I really is a no love people, life is very boring. People can not live their own lives, because of my personality problems, leading me to live a little tired than others, this trip and a few of you in it, so I think it is also very good." After the broadcast, Guo Degang this feeling sparked hot friends: "I think he lives very understand, a take it leisurely and unoppressively tolerance." Not long ago Deyunshe officially joined OD also said: "don’t look at the master said he is" Crazy ", but he is actually a bearish world of people, from him you can learn a lot of things, to savor." "This trip is very satisfied with the status quo." men "in the mood" ending soon, for the first time in the reality show yourself, Guo Degang can Tucao program group, and domineering brothers, "the other" slapstick mutual contradiction can also mediate the critical moment of star and program group, the "boss" image of countless friends "turn pink". The men of the "youngest" Jin Shengzhu said in an interview with Guo Degang "Dad’s feeling". Once the "take the name of God in vain to not participate in the reality show" Guo Degang, recorded at the end also admitted: "in this program while rest, eat to break the habit, but I took this job to me is the biggest surprise." For the reality show after the end of the recording of life, Guo Degang said: I am a very introverted person, there is no pursuit, the eldest son sensible, cute little son, I am satisfied with the status quo."相关的主题文章:

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