Hawick Lau separated for the birthday of Yang Mi birthday small glutinous rice DIY birthday card winlinez

Hawick Lau air Nelson Yang Mi sun small glutinous rice DIY birthday card Hawick Lau sent her little sticky personally painted a birthday card Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 13th news, according to Hongkong media reports, the mainland actress Yang Mi yesterday (September 12th) 30 years old birthday, although she often came with the old Hawick Lau together from many, even daughter school apart from. However, Hawick Lau shows love in action. The morning into the wife’s birthday, Hawick Lau was in the micro-blog open to send gift, is her little sticky birthday card. A birthday card doll is laughing on the match painting, painted with lipstick and India Small handprint, and "Mommy happy birthday". Small glutinous rice just go to school soon, painting work is good. Hawick Lau message: "there is a small beauty for manual gift this year, we are not to grab her first, I wish mummy rice Happy birthday." Yang Mi for her husband for her elaborate birthday gift, must feel sweet in the heart. Her husband shared the message, and responded: "the gift of love, this craft be roughly the same with me then, thank you for glutinous rice and glutinous rice." The couple should still love each other! (Ying Ying)相关的主题文章:

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