High speed fog old man get off easily lost when found in more than and 20 km away (video) homefront

High speed heavy fog off the elderly has been found convenient lost within more than and 20 kilometers in October 6th at 2 pm, Suqian Sihong County Public Security Bureau police station on Tang Tang first vigil near the gas station found a roadside old woman curled up in the roadside mound, the police then asked to get off, the old man was shivering in the thin clothes, but. Mind is awake. After repeatedly asked that his name is Ma Lilan sound, the sound of a husband for Wang Jiguang, son of King Hiroda sound, the police then took the old man to confirm their identity in the elderly, shook up but cannot walk, by asking that the elderly knee was hurt, the police immediately rushed to the old hospital physical examination on Tang the knee swelling, and a large area of bruising, police immediately contact the doctor on duty at night for further examination and treatment, and to verify the identity of the elderly, the investigation that Copper Mt. district changed the old Huang Ji Zhen Department of Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou City, the police then further to find their family information and contact the police during full escort, and boiling water and breakfast. At six o’clock, the police contacted the families of the elderly, and let the family to take home. The old man saw the old man and the police together, tears. The old man said 3 days morning three elderly son Wang Guangfa took an old man to Xuyi County, Sihong county tourism, 5 on the morning of 5 pm, one family car traveling to the Hongze Lake service area, because of heavy fog, the vehicle can not run off the elderly to urinate, the lost family, hard to find a day to rice in the vicinity of the service area. The old man has been walking on the way, because of the language barrier car first town, after walking along the road, after wrestling can not walk, then curled up on the side of the road. The old man has to walk, and was back to his family. Extended reading speed lost in stop Lianzhuang three car one person injured相关的主题文章:

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