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Holiday return traffic is not currently a large area congestion 6 million 890 thousand trips free yesterday from the Wuhan Municipal Traffic Management Bureau 122 Police Intelligence Center, National Day during the Wuhan city traffic smooth, shopping district and the surrounding road traffic in the overall smooth, large area not long, congestion, congestion nodes in and out of the City channel. Although the return peak is not wide range congestion during the long holidays, there is still a return peak after the National Day holiday. The traffic control department is expected today in Zhongshan Road, Wu Luo Road, Ziyang Road, Zhang Zhidong road; Qingnian Road, Xinhua Road Road, Evergreen Road, aviation, road development will appear obvious congestion. The other two link (Changqing interchange to Zhuyeshan Interchange), second line (fruit lake tunnel), the Second Ring Road (Jianghan bridge), second line (Mei Jiashan interchange to Li Lijiao, (especially) the Third Ring Road interchange to Qingling interchange Yezhi Lake), three ring line (Sanjintan interchange to Gusao set intersection), Baishazhou Boulevard Luo Shi Nan Lu, Longyang Road, road, bridge, Gusao tree Avenue, Luoyu road also will be stranded. Family Tour two old belt a small into mainstream, this year "eleven" golden week period, two old with a small "hollow" group tourists have become the mainstream of tourism group. In the early morning of October 5th, Ms. Yang and his wife from Wuchang went to HanKou Railway Station with their seven year old grandson. There, they took the motor train to Yichang, and then began the two day tour of the three gorges. In Yichang friends gathered, they were surprised to find that more than 20 people group, there are 6 families, and they are all old with a grandson, a group of young people "no hollow". The data of tourism enterprises also support the popularity of "hollow regiment" in "eleven". Hu Sanping, general manager of Hubei southern international travel service, introduced hundreds of tourists during the "eleven" period, most of which were "old + less"". The destination of travel is mainly in East China, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Yunnan, and Yichang in the province. On the "hollow mass" phenomenon, Hu Sanping believes that young people work at ordinary times, parenting pressure, "eleven" period has a rare rest time. At this point, choose to let the elderly travel with their children, you can completely relax. Moreover, in the domestic travel, young people are more inclined to self driving, self-help travel, which also prompted the traditional tourism team increasingly hollow". (reporter Hu Die Tan Delei Cui Mengxin Sun Jun Ma Huikuang, liangshuang correspondent Huang Sisi Yuan Yonghua Gao Bin Lv Zuowu Zhu Jiawei Huang Qin Zeng Meng Li Lei Liu Chaoyu Chen Geli Yang Yong Zhang Peng Zhang Qizhang Diye) holiday on the last day around the welcome return peak passenger flow of ten provinces to return traffic pressure over the rain

长假返程交通未现大面积拥堵 689万车次高速免费 昨从武汉市交管局122警情中心了解到,国庆节期间武汉市交通平稳,商圈及高校周边道路交通总体顺畅,未出现长时、大面积拥堵,拥堵节点集中在进出城通道。 虽然长假期间返程高峰未现大范围拥堵,但今起仍存在国庆节假日结束后的返程高峰。交管部门预计,今日起中山路、武珞路、紫阳东路、张之洞路;青年路、常青路、航空路、新华路、发展大道将出现明显拥堵。另外二环线(常青立交至竹叶山立交)、二环线(水果湖隧道)、二环线(江汉二桥)、二环线(梅家山立交至尤李立交)、三环线(青菱立交至野芷湖立交)、三环线(三金潭立交至姑嫂树立交)、白沙洲大道、珞狮南路、龙阳大道、姑嫂树路、金桥大道、珞瑜东路也将出现滞留。家庭游两老带一小成主流今年“十一”黄金周期间,两老带一小的“空心”团游客竟成为旅游团的主流。10月5日一早,武昌的杨女士和老伴带着七岁的外孙赶往汉口火车站。在那里他们搭乘去宜昌的动车,随后就开始了三峡两日游。在宜昌团友们聚齐后,他们惊奇地发现,二十多人的团里,居然有6个家庭,而且全是老人带着孙子、外孙,是个没有年轻人的“空心团”。旅游企业的数据也佐证了“空心团”在“十一”的流行。湖北南方国际旅行社总经理胡三平介绍,“十一”期间该社发送游客数百人,其中大多数是“老+少”。出游目的地则以华东、桂林、张家界、云南,以及省内的宜昌等地为主。对“空心团”现象,胡三平认为,年轻人平时工作、育儿压力大,“十一”期间有了难得的休息时间。此时选择让老人带着孩子出游,自己则可以彻底放松一下。而且在国内出游时,年轻人更倾向于自驾、自助游,这也促使传统旅游团队日趋“空心化”。(记者胡蝶 谭德磊 崔梦欣 孙珺 马辉 匡志达 梁爽 通讯员黄思思 曾斯 袁永华 高斌 吕作武 褚家威 黄芹 孟立 张琦 张镝 叶蕾 刘超宇 陈格俐 杨勇 张鹏) 长假最后一天 各地迎返程客流高峰 十余省市阴雨笼罩 返程交通压力大相关的主题文章:

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